Continue: VC3 Characters

Well, I’ve completed all the characters story missions for Senjou no Valkyria 3. This is just completing all the character’s images from the previous post.

1. Alfons

His story just tells about him being able to knows every information. He just acts as some detective….




2. Eliot

He’s glad that Nameless can saves some village. There are mother and her daughter who thanks him. Maybe he’s a bit interested with the mother, but he tells that he isn’t into some mother who has child. Nah…, don’t think too much of his action and talks..




3. Gloria

Gallian army didn’t trust her and thought that she was already too old. But in some dangerous mission, she brought them out and saved all.





4. Anika

She thinks body’s power is all, but Gloria tells her that it’s the power of heart that makes someone stronger. Then she believes Gloria and is going to makes her heart more strong from now on.





5. Zahar

I’m not quite sure what his story’s about. Don’t really like him as he always drunk and not thinks properly. He knows Iegar (Is this the spell? Not quite sure..) from VC1.






6. Gisel

She’s mysterious, even of what she thinks of. She just seems so happy when sees flower (of fire). Everyone tells her to does something to stop the fire. She just seems glad that this squad doesn’t get angry to her for playing with fire.






Quite a long stories, but I think this is the end. I’m not quite sure whether Welkin and Alicia are playable or not. But I think I must wait for the secret password given by SEGA… There’ re now just password to unlock tank sticker from Shining Hearts and 2 more (a bit forgot). I hope it get quick enough to reveal secret characters.


~ by twentyninenights on February 19, 2011.

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