Nostalgia : Zettai Meikyuu Grimm

Right now, I’m so much into taking a CG’s screenshots!!! I don’t know if there’s someone that think I give spoiler… Well, I hope it isn’t bothering you so much since I like this activity (surely, I can look at the CG whenever I turns on my computer).

This time, it’s about Zettai Meikyuu Grimm~Nanatsu no Kagi to Rakuen no Otome~, the game I had loved the first time I’d seen it. This game had been out about over a year ago, but it’s really a wonderful game. Beautiful fairytale-like art, great voice acting (even there’s voice for the heroine), and cool story!! I loves everything about this game. Too bad, the story is more long than Clock Zero. Even I won’t play it for the second time… Too lazy.. Even if I did looked at Ludwig’s scene, I did it almost for 2 hours!

The heroine is Henrietta Grimm, an orphan. She was living with her 3 non-biological brothers (The oldest is Jacob Ludwig Karl Grimm, then Willhelm Karl Grimm, and the youngest is Ludwig Emil Grimm). When she was a child, she and Ludwig went outside just the two of them. Then, the Dream Demon appeared and brought them to sleep for a few years. When they’re waking up, the village they had lived in was already destroyed and they couldn’t find their brothers (Jacob and Willhelm). So, they’re searching for Jacob and Willhelm and met with many new friends (from Hameln, Akazukin-Rotkappchen, Rapunzel, Kaeru no Ouji-Heinrich, Ibara-hime-Dornroschen, and Ibara no Ouji-Prinz des Dornes). They found many interesting stories (from Snow White, Cinderella, and Hanzel & Gretel, etc.).

When they found their brothers, it seemed that Jacob and Willhelm had changed. Jacob’s body had been taken by “Ma-ou” Vodan who wanted to collect seven keys to avenged “Megami” Brunhilde… So, Henrietta must rescue her brothers and save the world from Vodan as well as save herself from being eaten by the Dream Demon (Muma).


1. Henrietta Grimm CV: Ise Mariya

She is stubborn, but strong heroine. Sometimes, a bit naive and always says what she is thinking. She can use magic and there seems that “Megami” Brunhilde is inside her body. Her quest is to search for her two brothers, but it seems to have more than it. She must collects all seven keys, then summons Gold Dragon to win again Vodan. Sometimes she and Ludwig are fighting, but they’re best friend ever (‘course the term best friend can’t be in Ludwig’s story)!



2. Ludwig Emil Grimm CV: Mizushima Takahiro

He’s the youngest of Grimm brothers. Uses sketch to performs magic. He wants to protect Henrietta. At Ludwig’s story, he seems to want the power of “Ma-ou”. So he uses his power against Henrietta. He joins Jacob and Willhelm but it makes Henrietta sad. So he tells her the truth that he just want to save Henrietta that he lies about being wants to join Vodan. In the end, he lives happily with Henrietta at their hometown.



3. Willhelm Karl Grimm CV: Hirakawa Daisuke

Willhelm just wants to stay at Jacob’s side. He joined Jacob to bring him back to himself, but almost in everyone’s route (except his), he died, trying to prevent Jacob to attack Henrietta and the others. Always smiling and pretty skillful in cooking and houseworking. There’s a witch who idolizes him so much. When Henrietta and Willhelm has been living together, the witch gets angry for Henrietta who stole her prince. But in the end, I think the witch have fall for another guy (Ludwig)?



4. Jacob Ludwig Karl Grimm CV: Narita Ken

The oldest brother in Grimm’s household… When Henrietta and Ludwig were still a child, he already knew what would happen of his body. The demon, Vodan, resides in him. He tries to have Henrietta. But the truth is, Vodan loves Brunhilde. Even at his route, he seems dead tries to protect his family…




5. Hameln CV: Terashima Takuma

An artist who used flute. His past is terrifying. He lives with some old man when still a child in some village. Some children in those village were kidnapped and the villagers accused him. He leaves that village and travels alone. After he met Henrietta, he began to know love. It turns out that some demon eating that child…




6. Akazukin CV: Kakihara Tetsuya

Akazukin has a hot-blood personality. He has a grandma, but a wolf attacking his village and his grandma died. He went to avenged this wolf. But the truth is, he’s also inherits a wolf’s blood and can changes his form (with wolf’s ears). He lives happily with Henrietta in the end…




7. Kaeru no Ouji (The Frog Prince) CV: Kishio Daisuke

He turns into frog because of Vodan’s spell. So he wants to defeat Vodan to release his curse. He is a womanizer (hits into women so easily even when he is a frog). Kaeru no Ouji went back to his castle as a frog. But nobody believes him and he knows that his people has turn to Vodan’s subordinate. After everything has finish, he lives happily with Henrietta.




8. Ibara no Ouji CV: Suwabe Junichi

He had slept for thousand (or hundred, I’m a bit forgot) years because of some curse with his sister.  He has a lover, but he doesn’t know anything again when he awake after sleeping for a long time. So when Henrietta tells her love for him, he can’t easily answer her confession. But in the end, he stays beside Henrietta when she is asleep after the fighting event with Vodan.




9. Rapunzel CV: Asumi Kana

She lives in the top of a tower. Everyone believes she has been kidnapped by a witch. But actually, it’s her selfishness to lives in that castle to play games all the time. She wants to have best friends…





10. Ibara-hime CV: Mizuhara Kaoru

She wakes up after sleeping for a long time with a kiss from a prince (the frog prince who did it). She searches for her prince at that time but hasn’t find any clue. She befriends with Henrietta and tries to saves her from Vodan. Ibara-hime’s a bit egoist but she’s kind too.





11. Dream Demon (Muma) CV: Fujiwara Yuuki

He’s the cat (I think) whom Henrietta brought to home when she’s a child. Jacob found him suspicious. He ran away from Henrietta because he didn’t want to hurt her. When Henrietta is in a sleep for 5 years with Ludwig, he’s the one who did it because he wants to protect Henrietta from Vodan. In the end, he just lives as Henrietta’  summon beast…





I had finished the game a year ago. So I was a bit forgot about some things. I just do this description as I haven’t do it in the past (since I’ve told to write the summaries in the previous post about Zettai Meikyuu Grimm, but I’ve forgotten about it). Well, I’ve write it now and have a CGs. This game is so good! This was the first time I’d played a game from Karin Entertainment. The music were all fit with the environment and gave a mysterious atmosphere. For those who likes fairytale, this game tells a different view of the stories from some famous classic fairytales. This game has a complex and long story…




The link to download Zettai Meikyuu Grimm~Nanatsu no Kagi to Rakuen no Otome~ CG:

Some previews:


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