Adding Valkyria Into Dreams (Imca’s Ending)

Right after I finished Riela’ s route, I played Imca’s (just fought 2 last battles, not much). Her route’s main story are mostly the same as Riela (just adding some difference in scene, even the ending is the same, Riela strike the last attack to prevent explosion). Imca’s epilogue was making me laughed a bit (Actually, most of her story are funny, it’s cute to see her with Kurt. But I don’t think they’re suit together-maybe like a brother-sister. I’m mostly think that Kurt is really fit with Riela since she can relieve Kurt’s stress-after all, she is more mature.). After the last battle, Kurt gave her a ring. Then I don’t know if they’ve married or not, they’re just live together with many children from different races. Imca tells them to eat, but her stomach is actually the most hunger. So they’re laughing at her. After that, one of the child, says that he loves her soooo much! Then Kurt’s saying the same thing. Imca just blushes and they’re begins eating with some conversations. -The End- got it!

I’ve tried Squad 7’s new mission too. Controlling Welkin, Alicia, Rossie, and many more (except Isara). After completed that mission, I’ve got some of Squad 7 members (don’t think too much, I can’t get Welkin or Alicia so easy like that). For me who haven’t tried VC1, it’s a bit dissapointed to got Welkin as a tank driver (I can’t controlled him much because I don’t need tank very much, most of mission I’ve completed it without tank). So I’m just hoping that when I get Welkin, he won’t be used as a tank driver. The bonus again is, you can change…. every units costume!!!!! Just get Squad 7’s costume, but I think there will be more as I haven’t met VC2’s mission..

There’s Kurt and Riela’s mission too. Kurt was trying to made spices for ‘kare’ for the Nameless Squad’s approvement (espc Felix). But it seems he makes it in a long time…

Yeah, enough with the side story. There’re so much of it. I don’t even know the password to get characters like in VC2 (Uhm, maybe it have to wait for Sega’s conforming). In the ending credits, I read some of Phantasy Star Portable 2’s seiyuu, but I didn’t read who’s the character was..

I’ve never imagine to be able to finish this game so quickly because VC2 get finished for 4 or 5 months (the reason : I was very busy with university stuffs). So when this third title came out when I was in vacation, I just wanted to ended it quickly before got busy again. I’m really surprised at my speed too. I’ve to finish the English subtitle version too after this (oh, maybe I can’t end it with full speed like that again). I wish I can understand much of the story in English.

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