The Third Time Valkyria (Riela’s Ending)

I just wanted to shared some story about Senjou no Valkyria 3 as I had finished it (with Riella’s ending). I prefers Riela over Imca as she is more mature and strong (I can’t stand to look at Imca’s story when she is with Kurt because Kurt will be of some kind of….. lolicon?).

Well, as everyone’ve told earlier, the hero, Kurt Irving, had came down his rank as the 422 (Yon Ni Ni) Squad “Nameless” because of libel from someone (Isler, his superior). He met with his new friends (Gusurg the tank driver, Aimy, Anika, etc). At first, everyone didn’t seem to acknowledge him as their captain. But after the first battle with his new squad, Gusurg came to acknowledge Kurt’s ability and wants to fight besides him. The other members began to trusted him after they had win many battles by Kurt’s leading their actions. Riela Marcellis and Imca acknowledge him later. Well, this squad has a strange custom to not tell their names to other people who they don’t know well. So, they just go with their numbers (Kurt is 7, Riela 13, Imca 1/ Ace, Gusurg 6, Giulio Rosso 32, Felix 21, Alphonse 11, Deit 56, Serge 45, Aimy 15, Leila 23, Anika 24, Gloria 3, Valerie 12, Zaharl 57, Shin 58, Cedric 25, Margitte 33, Clarissa 46, Elliot 18, Frederica 19, etc).

The weird thing is Kurt always eats candy when he gets angry or panic…. And at first, Riela is called ‘shinigami’ as she always brings dead to other members. But after she fights besides Kurt and it doesn’t turn out to Kurt’s dead, she feels happy (and not wanted to be called ‘shinigami’ again).

He met with many people from VC1 and VC2 such as Welkin Gunther, Alicia, Isara Gunther, Maximillian, Selvaria, Avan Hardins, Cosette Coalhearth, Zeri, Leon Hardins, Baldren Gassenarl, Audrey Gassenarl, Juliana, Hubert (Yubel) Brixham, and many more from the heroes to villains. And turns out that Leila Pieroni is Homer’s (from Squad 7) sister. Nameless Squad has a commander which is Ramsey Kurou.

Already, they fights through many strong enemies from Maximillian’s. They came to met the Darcsen’s leader from Maximillian’s side, Dahau, with his follower Zig (Darcsen) and Lydia Agute (non-Darcsen) as they’re called Calamity Raven. Dahau talked to the two leading Darcsens in Kurt’s unit (Gusurg and Imca) for his ideal beliefs to build a peace and home for Darcsen. But in this time, Gusurg and Imca doesn’t seem interested from Dahau’s invitation.

After that, Nameless had to escort Borgia. It seems that Borgia has some role in Dahau’s action. Borgia tells about Valkyria to Kurt and Kurt begins to understand some point about the ancient being that shines blue flame..

Battles after battles had brought Nameless to survived and grew stronger. Imca met with Selvaria and remembered that Selvaria was the one who ruined her hometown. But then again, it’s not the time to think about vengeance.

I forgot which was the first, but well, got to explained it from whichever side wouldn’t disrupt the story. Gusurg knew something about the betrayal of Gallian Army and left Nameless when everyone needed him as the tank driver. He joined Dahau and fought Kurt’s squad.

Later, they are all knows that they have Valkyria in Nameless after Riela drives out her Valkyria’s form to protect Nameless from Gallian Army attacks. Imca was mad and assaulted her. Riella didn’t want to fough Imca and became unconscious after Imca’s attack. But they didn’t have much time to knew what they had to do (it’s not to blame other, and just calm down their feelings). The two of them became close friend.

Dahau heard this secret and went to told Borgia. Borgia suggested him to killed the Valkyria (Riela). He told Dahau that Valkyria was the Heavenly being so they must send back Valkyria to that place (it means killed).

They reached the beach area. This is where they releasing their stress. Playing with others and even bikini mode of the two girls (wow… doesn’t seem interested for me).

Nameless must fights in many battles from Calamity Raven and Gallian Army. It turned out the one who plotted Gallian Army to fought them was their leader, Karl Isler, which was the one who turned Kurt down to Nameless. Kurou went to the army’s meeting to told about Isler’s plot. Karl Isler was the one who betrayed Gallia, teamed up with Maximillian and Borgia, and some Valkyria’s research. So Gallia captures him but Borgia plotted to kills Isler.

War with Maximillian’s army began. Imca had knew the Selvaria’s whereabout so she hunted her to Ghirlandaio. They fought and Selvaria seem to interested in Imca’s strength. So when Imca had lose the battle, Selvaria didn’t kill her. She just send Imca back to Kurt. Later on, they heard news about Selvaria who died in a battle.

Kurt told Imca after she awakened that he could followed Imca even to hell. I looked a bit at Imca’s route after that. It’s so funny that when Kurt asking Imca to live beside him, he can’t tell the exact phrase. He asks her if she wants to go fighting with him. Imca just says that it isn’t what she wants to hear. Kurt tells something again that doesn’t least bad compares to that. But when he wants to tells him for sure now, Imca cuts his line and says ‘yes’. The cutting Kurt’s line was in Riela’s route too. But its dialogue isn’t as funny as in Imca’s.

War with Calamity Raven began. Lydia asked Dahau to fought at that time, but Dahau refused. So she went out for battle herself. Gusurg follows Lydia and turns out that Lydia (who always command Gusurg with her pride), has lost to Gusurg’s strenght. Lydia is now under Gusurg’s command. Kurt fought Lydia and win. At the end of her life, Lydia just wished  to met Gusurg earlier (hmm, is it love?)..

After that, it was Gusurg’s turn. Kurt explains about his idea being just too much for the people. Gusurg told him that Kurt could stayed thinking like that but it’s not for him. He changed his mind to saved Darcsens people. After Kurt had win this battle, Gusurg died with him being said the same meaning thing as Lydia….. (Okay, they’re actually begin to like each other?)

The 20th chapter had two battles. The first one, Kurt fought Zig (it’s really easy to kills him). Zig wants to revenge Lydia and Gusurg’s death. But turns out he can’t win against Nameless……………

Dahau was mad with Borgia and killed him. This is how Borgia’s life end (I hate him, Isler, and Gusurg rather than Dahau!).

So ,the final battle is when Kurt meets with Dahau, who wants to destroy Randgriz with the activated bomb(?).. He told Kurt that he wanted to ruled the kingdom for Darcsen’s safety. Nameless must tried to reached the radiator in 3 areas with 3 different lancers. After the three radiators broken, they must shoot the final radiator (it can change position so it’s best to know where the radiator face to shoot it-the best way is to stay the lancers in their position, don’t come back to another area to standby shooting the final radiator as it face one of the lancer).It quite easy as we are not required to kills Dahau.

Dahau lost this battle and gave up his ideal. Before he slept in peace, he saw his wife (who already died) hugged him and calmed him down. But the battle won’t end just like this. They’re all must battle with time to deactivate the explosion. Everyone shares their strength (espc. the Valkyria, Riela) to save Randgriz. It turns out well and they are all win this long battle.

In the epilogue, Kurt and Riela got married. It’s a bit weird that their Nameless tank had parked in front of church… The two of them reached that tank. It’s when Riela said to Kurt that she was the happiest person to be able with him. Then she threw the bouquet. Many Nameless’ girls fighting to grab the bouquet but Gloria (age: 62) is the one who get it. So the girls are fighting again!!! At that time, Kurt and Riela shared their kiss.. (So happy!)

The story seems more promising than the first and the second. With many new missions after finishing the storyline to do (from every character’s story to Squad 7’s another mission), the game can’t really end with just Kurt’s ending. I want to play that missions!!! Especially that Squad 7’s mission! Got to used Welkin and Alicia again…! About the bonuses…., I don’t have many event photos since I just cleared the story mission (I’ve got to clear the character’s missions quickly)! I want to try playing Imca’s route so I can look at her epilogue. Maybe I have to write it again later. Really, the bonus missions seems more promising than VC2 that just has some add-on missions (the Squad 7′ s mission looks promising, and the character’s story lined up well than the VC2).

I must play the undub version since this game’ s story is so good!

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