Near the End of the Vacation

I’m on the edge of the last week in my vacation. Next week, my life will be more hectic and the time to be playing games will be half of the usual.

Oh right, I must admit that playing VC3 is much more tiring and troublesome than the second. It really gives almost all my times to end it and stills not end. I’m at chapter 13 and this’ll be a long story (I hope there isn’t chapter 20 or more.. So tired…!). Compares to VC2 that ends in month 12th of the story. The thing to end it quickly is… I just run through the enemy, get their base, go to another area, run through again, capture the required bases/run through the required locations/kill the boss. I don’t care about killing the other non-main-enemies if the requirement doesn’t involve kill all enemies….

The usual characters I used were Kurt (shocktrooper), Riella (scout), Imuka (lancer), Reira (shocktrooper), Clarissa (engineer), Sergio (first is engineer but I change it to sniper), Julio (lancer-must always ready with the 2 of them), Shin (scout), Aimy (scout) (Sorry if I typed it wrong ‘coz don’t know the official US names). Be back to tell some important parts of the story after finishing this game.


~ by twentyninenights on February 8, 2011.

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