3rd Time!

Hohoho… I’m so sorry to all whom already downloaded the Clock Zero~Shuuen no Ichibyou~ CG before I found the way to captured the images without being vertical (Really, just press ‘print screen’ button-right beside ‘pause break’, then paste it in ‘Paint’ software. I used F8 the first time and being vertical.)!!!!!! It’s really weird for me. After I looked at the vertical CGs, I thinked the good one had became over horizontal?? There’ s something weird to my thoughts and eyes after already used to the vertical ones…

It’s the third and the last time I uploaded the CGs-after capture it the most good one-!!!

The link:


After this, I wish I can continue to play Moujuutsukai to Ouji-sama although this is very hard as VC3 have come and there’s very stubborn problem if I use emu (My PC always shut down-this is the high risk to play on emu and that’s why I don’t play on it often).


Some fixed CGs:

I wished I would die after knew the ranking on Otomate’s website. In the real world, Riichirou got first, Madoka 2nd, and Takato 3rd. In the broken world, Madoka 1st place, then Riichirou 2nd, and Takato 3rd. Why is it that they’re just roll over the 1st and 2nd place to Riichirou and Madoka??? And why is it the bonus wallpaper just contains with the 1st&2nd without the 3rd?? Why must Takato got 3rd place and Madoka just right in front of him? Yeah, whatever…


~ by twentyninenights on February 4, 2011.

11 Responses to “3rd Time!”

  1. ehehe another CZ post,,^_^,,
    I’ve been reading blogs of Japanese players and Madoka, Rittan and Shuuya were quite popular. I’ve no complaint for Bishop as No.1 as Tori-san’s voice was awesome and grownup Madoka is pro at making you blush, but Rittan’s popularity is surprising. Lots of people must be tsundere-lovers? I thought childhood friend plot was a bit old/plain.. Takato came close to 2nd place for both versions, well not too bad.^^ (Takato needs more love! Fandisk pleaseee! XD)

    [Starts a Takato discussion…]
    I was surprised that a lot of people see Takato as a Yandere. I was like “EHHH?!??No way!” (Never thought of it that way) I always thought Tora was the Yandere. I always saw Takato’s actions as pure kindness+strong love+deep sadness+genius mind=overwhelming contradictions but still couldn’t give up, so he became messed up in order to keep going & he loves Nadeshiko so much it’s scary but Yandere? Sonna iikata… 病デレtte hidoi yo!… I really can’t see Takato as having any mental illness… really…=_=”’ (I wonder if I’m just pouting over the popularity vote results..^^; everyone’s opinions are different is obvious but still.)

    [goes back to post topic]
    PCSX2 always gives me weird screenshots too, have no idea how to fix it. Moujuutsukai is on my “To Play” list too. I’m contemplating about what to play next.. so many games.. now I’m finishing Natsuzora no Monologue.:)

    BTW What are you apologizing for? LOL

    • OOPs. “Complaints” about Bishop as No.1, that I have. I meant “doubts”. XD

    • I’d apologized as to had uploaded twice of CGs wrong… Hehe…^^

      Wow, a yandere? I think it’s too extreme?! Takato doen’t have a mental problem, really! Yeah, you’re right. He just has this so much big loves for Nadeshiko and sometimes I can feels he’s lonely when looks at his eyes. How can this kind person be a yandere?? Hmm, I think no one in Clock Zero have yandere… Tora too, just use his violence to put up his emotions..

      To use screenshot for PC’s screen I’ve use -pri sc/sys rq/print screen- button on keyboard then edit-paste- it in Paint software… My sister found it though//

      • Deshou?^^ Yandere sounds so extreme. I wonder why JP people keep using this word..
        I can’t deny that everyone in CZ are far from normal kids except Nadeshiko, Nakaba and Rittan. (Maybe people like Rittan because he’s closest to normal out of the 5?) Most other games the characters are very normal humans in comparison. All characters in CZ stand out a lot, so I can’t help but feel they’re special.

        For screenshots, do you have to delete the black parts on the sides for every picture?O_o (sounds like a lot of work..otsukaresama!)
        ((Geh!My keyboard doesn’t have printscr/num lock buttons=[]=! oh well.))

        • What kind of keyboard did u used? I think every keyboard should have that button. I played it on laptop. And this button is on the top right side with delete button or whatever..
          For the computer, it’s on the middle side on top of right left up down buttons.

          Yeah, right. Almost every otome games didn’t have that special personality characters like Takato, Tora, Shuuya. They’re just usual high school students or teachers.

          I deleted all the black parts almost for an hour. And wants to continue using it to Moujuutsukai…

  2. Wow.. Thanks for hard work on CG pack!^_^
    I’m using a Macbook so there’re a lot of missing buttons. I don’t even have a delete button!(lol) I’m used to it though. Sometimes I use Windows’s on-screen keyboard, especially for playing a game, when tired of hitting “O button” I click it with my mouse instead.

    Emulator makes the computer quite hot ne… but still more convenient than PS2 (doesn’t disturb family/save states etc) shutdown is terrible though.^^ How about try cooling pad?

    • Oh right… I don’t know much about Macbook since I use common Asus brand.

      You’re clicking it with mouse? I even gets tired to click the right button (since I used it as O button)….
      Right, emu quites convenient. My PS2 console’s already died in much dust before I had time to recovered it. And the sound could be controlled as low as possible… Heh! And save my money for buying another memory cards…!

      I think cooling pad can’t work as it is from the internal RAM stuff, etc.. It could shutdowned if I used another heavy program such as opened a heavy sites. Really gives me trouble. I know everyone has the same problem

  3. Thanks a lot for sharing the cgs, I’ve been looking for them! >_<

    Just a confirmation.. Riichiro in the real world is then Wanderer in the broken world? O_o Thank you!

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