Got to Play!

I’ve got to played Senjou no Valkyria 3: Unrecorded Chronicle at last!!!!!

Kurt Irving (the hero),…His voice is by Nakamura Yuuichi and, it’s so like Abe no Seimei’s voice in 雅恋~MIYAKO~!!! Wowwwww~~ So much cooler than when he voiced Okazaki Tomoya. It’s really much alike from VC 2, from the mission guide, the button’s function, and the maps. And Riela is my fav!!! I knew it when I first looked at her.

But despite all that happiness, I must have gotten a really serious trouble when my 雅恋~MIYAKO~ save data isn’t functioning. I’ve had already deleted the game, and when I copied back to my PSP, it couldn’t recognized my save data (I never deleted my save data from my PSP)/. I must play it again from the beginning though… Really tired!


~ by twentyninenights on February 1, 2011.

10 Responses to “Got to Play!”

  1. i played VC3 too recently,, thought i haven’t played the second series, since it brings some school-life aura, seems to be boring~_~
    but the third one was cool, unrecorded chronicles xDD
    but i’m playing the chap 3, and got some missions, even though i have killed all my enemy, and take all of the flag, the mission wont complete ~_~
    i wonder what i have to do to complete it -____-

    for miyako, just keep spamming your skip button ;))

    • I thinked I’m on chapter 6 now. Hmm, I’ve forgotten about chapter 3… Is it something that has 4 areas and after you’ve get the flag, there’s another text that has a tank image? I think after you take all the flags, you must get rid of tank boss in middle area… Not sure if I’m right..
      Yeah, the third one is cool! You’ve got to meet the characters from VC1 and 2. And feel nostalgic about them.

      • wow, you’re fast xD
        hmm,, it has area 2,3,4 strangely i didn’t see area 1 ~_~
        but, after conquer all of them, nothing appeared~
        ah, i remeber it’s the first battle when the SP system is available,, is have something to do with SP ?? ~_~

        • Where is the location of that mission? After met Eleanor or Welkin or what?
          But it’s hard to remember it after so much mission and there isn’t a way to re-do the mission like in VC2…

          After looked at it, the free mission had just area 2,3,4. But I could completed it right after got the flag.

  2. the mission was before i met welkin~~ that’s why i’m so curious to see VC1 members xDD
    ah, sou ka,, it’s okay,, i think i will re-do it again, and hope realized the complete point~~ xDD

    • Sorry though… I wish I can re-do the mission too to get much exp (Surely, I can’t even back at the chp3 map ’til you ask question and try to come back at the other chapter’s maps). Oh yeah, every mission must be done before the 20th turns.

      I played it fast ‘coz already used to played VC2 (retry, and retry it ’til got Welkin as a member).

      • no, it’s fine,, xDD thanks for the advice,, xDD
        i’ll search moar info about this on some game forums,, LOL i can’t even play this thing fast even on easy mode ;__;

        • I’m playing it on easy mode too and it’s hard too. I just don’t know how harder this will come if I play the normal mode. Maybe just wait a few more times and there’re walkthrough for this game. Can’t wait for the 2 OVAs.

  3. uoh, is there gonne be two OVAs? i heard the 3rd game will be adapted into an OVA, and what is the other one??

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