The Solution

Just right after had Valkyria Chronicles 3, I’d met some problems. The ISO ccouldn’t be played in my PSP!!! What the hell was wrong with this?? I’ve spent about 1.5 hours trying to break my software (change prome or the iso tool) and still don’t know how to play it well. Just go blank like that…

Let’s skip it. This time, I’ve completed Starry Sky~in Spring~ Portable for about 4 days. Yeah, I’m a bit lazy to try it ’cause some common school living isn’t suitable for me. And yeah, I found it was boring. Really boring that I was sleepy (really, I’m playing it on my bed)… Don’t know why is this series become so popular (I mean, just everyday living, common stories and character’s background, and not interesting problems). The one thing that has it good is just the config button. Feel free to change the text, window, or background images. Right, just that that makes me feels a bit excited. I just don’t like Nanami Kanata (his laugh is too loud and weird). Tomoe Yoh, umm, didn’t suit to my liking. He stills childish and seems not energetic enough to fills my like. I just wants to play Tohzuki Suzuya in this series. He is reliable and don’t laugh weird like Kanata. He can cook too (I mean, I can’t).

Just that. I don’t really like Starry Sky~in Spring~ and about to skip to look at the omake (Under Starlit Sky thingy…). I’m really bored with that long speech (gladly, there are much skip for the second playing) and sleepy atmosphere. But still, I’ve to try Starry Sky~in Summer~, ~in Autumn~, and ~in Winter~ Portable. Just want to know how much the progress… I don’t want to tell much about this story since I don’t really love it and there’re much people have tell the reviews.


  1. Truthfully I can’t understand what’s up with the Sutasuka hype either. Not that I’ve ever played any yet but none of the pictures or stuff I read appeal to me but yet I’m very curious why it’s so popular. (Guess I need to try it for myself sometime too) *wants PSP!*

    • Right, I don’t even remember all of their conversations. Just skip it through ’til reach the main story (for the second and above play times). That doesn’t seem too important anyway. For the story, I think autumn is the most complicated one from I’ve known. How about try it on PC?

      • If I try Starry Sky, it’ll be the one with FukuJun, Hoshi-san and Kamiya Hiroshi-san. (for their voices^^) Wish Namikawa-san had a character… XD

        But the main reason for wanting a PSP is Miyako and the thought of lying down while playing otome games is just irresistable..>w<

        • Miyako is actually pretty good. The environment is really beautiful and very bright (the sky with clouds, the grass, etc.).

          Hmm, is it Starry Sky~in Summer~? Yeah, too bad there isn’t Namikawa Daisuke…く( ̄△ ̄)ノ
          I wish I can hear his voice in another new games quickly (can’t wait of what kind of voices he use..)

      • Miyako looks great ;_; (motto PSP hoshikunatta!)

        I’ve been watching Kimi ni Todoke. Kazehaya-kun is quite similar to Takato, except more “normal”. He also really sounds like he’s a 16-17 teenager (the middle between young and adult Takato XD) Namikawa-san hontou ni saikou!>w<♥ (Too bad he doesn't do BLCD.. a pity…)

        • I haven’t watch Kimi no Todoke… Truthfully, I’ve never watch romantic anime …ha.//… But maybe I’ve to try watching it? Some way, I have difficulty to recognized Namikawa Daisuke in anime. Especially in Fairy Tail (where he must shouted and shouted in a fight)…!!

          Yeah, I’ve just buy PSP last year too to play Shin Hisui no Shizuku (but the truth is the DS one get launch this year, I mean before, I just have a DS and think that’s the best portable game console ’til many otome games release into PSP).

  2. hiya me again ill probably get on your nerves before this finishes sorry if i do its just internet being a pain. i was wondering if you could send me all the cgs you have on starry sky to my email? it might be easier than uploading them onto another site since i still cant get on the 4shared site.?!?!


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