Falls in Love With the Past

This is about 雅恋~MIYAKO~. Having completed all characters right after Clock Zero~Shuuen no Ichibyou~, I must have a refreshing! This game’s story is about the shikigami heroine (everyone calls her Sangou to be third shikigami of Seimei-her true name is Sayuki). Her usual life begins when Abe no Seimei “creates” her. Being the third shikigami, it sure does have the first and the second. The first one’s name is Ichigou. Then the second is the yellow bird Nigou (Nigou always calls Ichigou his kyoudai-this is the fact that tells everything in Ichigou’s route).

After enough chit-chat with Seimei, Ichigou, and Nigou, she is being introduces to the prince Izumi and his straight-personality knight Minamoto no Yorimitsu (calls him Raikou), then to other calm guy Genshin. Their job is to keeps the miyako safe. So because of the protecting duty, they usually must deals with demons or youkai, or whatever…

Some night, Sangou meets a mysterious white-haired man on the bridge. He seems suspicious and later Sangou knows his name is Douman. The main job is to collects 3 goods (a shield, a sword, and magatama).

Abe no Seimei (CV: Nakamura Yuuichi)

Mysterious night blue..

Everyone knows him, right? The onmyouji who captures evil (what kind of words to described him?)… He owns three shikigami’s at this time (Ichigou, Nigou, Sangou). ド S, is his description. He usually naughty (to Sangou), from silly words to hit her head… Yeah, his everyday habbit is a bit confusing.

Let’s go to the main story of Seimei. As it described in history (I don’t know the actual), his mother was a kitsune (fox). So he’s half fox (he can even change to his beast’s form). But after everyone knowing his true form, still believe him. He fights Douman because Douman wants to breaking the seal to opens the door to the underworld (hell?) after the moon becomes red. So it’s the reason why they’re must collects the 3 items. His mother always appears in Sangou’s dreams. It’s because Seimei’s mother wants Sangou to save him. Forget about Toui. This old-man role isn’t much.

As for the long fighting dialogues and CGs, finally it’s the end. Seimei calls Suzaku then long fighting with Douman again, then Masakado appears. The fighting ends and the capital becomes calm.

Izumi (CV: Namikawa Daisuke)

I wants to describes him as the calm green.

As the crown prince, he wants to keeps the capital to be a safe place. First met Sangou when he asleeps under a tree (Uwaah! He’s so cute when he awaken his eyes..!). Keeps calm and knows the way to ends the word-fighting dialogue (ultimately when Raikou becomes weird). His personality is reliable one!

His main story is the betrayal of Raikou. Enough with the reason and their fighting (the Izumi’s death CG was so terrifying-heartbreaking, ugh…! For nothing..). This scene are very common and not much interesting (but for me as Izumi is the most fav one-and Namikawa Daisuke too, it doesn’t matter). Hokuteki has role in it. He cuts Raikou’s long hair then comes fighting with devils from hell. They’re wins and Izumi becomes the Ou-sama (Wayyy to cool!-my fav character become King! Namikawa Daisuke becomes King twice!!!). Sangou afraid he doesn’t want her but it’s proven that Izumi really treasures her.

Ichigou (CV: Suzuki Yuto)

Burning flame.

He’s the first Seimei’s shikigami. Together with Nigou, they can make a comedian-duo. Had an angry personality, but he made us laugh……

The truth is, Seimei’s Suzaku was him and Nigou (so that’s why Nigou keeps calling him ‘kyoudai’). They could merged as Suzaku. Because Ichigou fights with Toui, he can’t uses his flame power. It makes him awful and can feels pain like human. They must shut down the door.  So the merging session must affect his life-like human. He afraid if he can’t come back to his human form after merge with Nigou. But it all ends well for them as Nigou is the one who disappears.

Minamoto no Yorimitsu-Raikou- (CV: Sakurai Takahiro)

Straight and strong brown.

He is Izumi’ s most trusted men. He has a sister (Yoriko) and really cares for her.

Most of his scenario are already in Izumi’s. So the reason he betrayed Izumi was to saved his sister (Yoriko being kidnapped by Hokuteki). Sangou found the place then Raikou fought Hokuteki (really, Hokuteki didn’t do anything to Yoriko). Then after Raikou fought with Izumi, troubles back. They shut down the door to hell. The capital is safe. Izumi got crowned as King. So because of Izumi’s, Raikou and Sangou can be together. Not much interesting…! Sakurai’s voice is so heavy and straightforward.

Genshin (CV: Inoue Kazuhiko)

Sad blue..

One of Izumi’s subordinate. He teaches children and plays well with them. His eyes are always closed. Seems like a monk then a teacher to me.

He tells Sangou the story about ‘Satori’ eyes. Then we knows that he has this eyes that brings unlucky (they’re told to knew the minds or something). He fight with Nanban who has the same eyes with different thinking. Two times Nanban kidnapping the children to reasoning their fight. After the people knew that Genshin has that awful eyes, people began to doubt and blame him. But he got cheered by Sangou so then he fought Nanban again. Nanban fells of a cliff and the capital is safe. His story really gets nothing with the 3 items…! So weird! Just what is the meaning of this character?

Ashiya Douman (CV: Morikawa Tomoyuki)

Bloody red.!

Douman has lived for too many years. His loved one, Kikka or what (I don’t really know her name well), had died. So he’s the sad man now. After meeting Sangou a few times, he begins to see the resemblance to Kikka (and Sangou begins to think curious about him).

The fighting scene begins and Sangou fells off to the underworld where she knows Douman’s past. She knows she loves Douman then comes back to the Seimei fighting Douman’s world. Finally Douman surrendered to love and tried to closed the door. But something hard happens and he must going to the other world. But Sangou pulls his hand and he is safe. Later, the two of them always goes together…

This is a long game scenario. Prepare to bewitched (no, be bored) before playing this. But overall, this is a good story. The CG and background are all bright and beautiful. The music is so fits up the story (and of course very beautiful). Sometimes funny and sometimes serious.. This is just good! The characters have described too good by Otomate. And their past seems sad. They’re makes me curious to knows the truth. This is one of Otomate’s best game. I’m amazed they could made a good long story game in PSP (usually just a remake). But their kanji makes me feels a headache! Too hard for me who learns Japanese manually!!! Their old-fashioned words makes me confused. But thankfully I can understand a little bit of it. Waiting for another new games such as Hanaoni, Maren no Rokukishi, Are You Alice? (maybe doesn’t much interested), Iza Shutsujin! Koi Ikusa, Shinigami to Shoujo, Okashima na Shima no Peter Pan, Gekka Ryouran Romance, etc… And what’s with Nise no Chigiri~Omoide no Saki he~?


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