Endless Time for Eternity

Before, I had said that I was a fan of Hiiro no Kakera rather than Hakuouki. Yeah, this is true.. But now, I’m more of a fan of Clock Zero~Shuuen no Ichibyou~ rather anything else! I really loved to play it very much so that I downloaded the emu for PS2 (this is just because my PS2 have been in standby mode for so long, never to be repair)… So, I’d played from the emulator.

Hmmm, I don’t want to tell the story because this’s too amusing and really complicated to be understand just from one point of view. This game was so hard to told from someone’s perspective ‘coz it had a great story, great background, great music. Everything is just so great that I can feel glad just to have an opportunity to play this awesome story. Really, thanks Otomate to have make an awesome otome game like this! This is the first time I really loves every aspects from a game.

I just wanted to gave a description about the characters (like I usually did). Firstly, let’s tell about the hero, Kaidou Takato. He seems to be a genius child, with a mature minds. Everything he does always saves respect from others. To think of it, he was much more mature than the usual 12 years children. As Kaga Akira, he was so calm and really helpful for the troubles CZ members had. So when Kurou Nadeshiko (the heroine) meets the King (Takato), I don’t really mind it if Takato now has the calm attitude like Kaga-sensei. But behind that calm and kindness, there lies the hate for the one who makes Nadeshiko sleeps for a long time. And he said something about didn’t even care for what happened after the blowing incident resulting from his experiment. So much devil-ness over the kind personality!! It makes me choose him over the other characters in this game. About his best quote (let’s say that: “君のいない世界なんて、いらない”), I’m so much into it. I can feel his heart and deep sadness about losing Nadeshiko for 10 years. Takato has it all; the kindness, the sadness, the hatefulness, the cheerful, the hardworking, the mysterious, the sorrow, and the hatred. Otomate has gives him many stories that can tells all of his personalities. He is the one and only character that I can’t really tell what he thinks of and really hard to understands his mind. He has pretty much a frighful mind after all. But his true love for Nadeshiko makes him a kind-hearted person in the end.

Second, the childhood friend type of character, Kanou Riichirou. Typically his type, he used to always stood near Nadeshiko since childhood. Cool, mysterious, and gives a stand-alone-mind to others. His friend was just Nadeshiko at first, but after the activities from CZ, he befriended too with others (mainly Takato). Sadly, his story doesn’t much involve with the secret behind Clock Zero. The funny thing is at first, he seems strong. But after the fighting with Bishop, he looks like doesn’t have any skills of fighting. What kind of cool character of this? It really makes me a bit down. But after all, he’s the second to my fav chara in Clock Zero. It’s just the fact that his story doesn’t mean anything and ends quickly that makes me dissapointed.

Let’s come to Hanabusa Madoka. Appears as a step children to Hanabusa family, he just wants to be a good child who helps Nakaba (his step-brother) to be the number one. Nadeshiko always give him suggestion to be his real self and not to be Nakaba’s brother (in concept about being a step-brother, means he’s out of family matter). When he appears as Bishop, he always fighting with Nadeshiko and his real self about what he really thinks and what decision he shall makes. Even in the choice to save or not save Nadeshiko from the King, he must be told by Nakaba. Really a confused personality. I don’t think I like his character very much. But his fighting skill keeps him stand. Nakaba in the other world was a journalist (he knew almost every gossip in that world, almost… if he could tell that the King was Kaidou Takato). His dream is to built a shop where Nakaba can bakes cakes, also he can makes accesories.

Here is the traitor, Saionji Toranosuke. Hard to convince, always fighting, and hate to be with others. It’s because of his father (Saionji Yoshimune) who gives him hard lessons in the past. His story is…. a bit boring. Everytime, everywhere about his story is about fighting. From childhood ’till mature. But it were all to told about his sorrow of not being able to told his real feelings. He believes Nadeshiko is the one who changes him and his bad habbit so he wants to protect her. One of his ending story was very frightful where he was bathed from blood. Cool scene! But I don’t like him killing Takato or Kaga… Being a traitor for King, makes him a villain in Takato’s route. About his father’s wish as a traitor was revealed in Tora’s story (the reason is to save his wife, Shigure).

The last playable chara is Tokita Shuuya. A model and a forgetful person (I feel curious of how he can study and keep up his school grades for being forgetful). His mother in 14 years old Shuuya is sick, but in 24 years old, his mother is a healthy person who always understand her child. Kaede (one of a traitor) was being respectful for him. Being a person who can inventing, Shuuya as a philosopher is much more reliable than the 14 years old one. Ehm, not much I can say about him because he always in “my pace” mode. His route related to flowers…….?

Overall, I’m still lack one ED (ED no. 03) and two CGs (in etc. page before ED and OP movie). Can someone please help me about the two CGs? It really bothers me not to have all of the CGs because it’s really really a good game! Uhmm, I’m sorry if the CG I had was a bit vertical, right? It’s from the emu… I think. But when I played it, it was common and nothing like a vertically CG appeared. Clock Zero~Shuuen no Ichibyou~ is my most favourite otome game! I really recommend everyone to try playing it. And the after story from every characters are interesting (if I have a fluent Japanese, but oh well, I just know a little bit of it). It’s like reading a real novel. And Nadeshiko, she’s very strong hearted. She can keeps up the story of being alone in unknown world (gladly, there are people she knows). I’m playing two Otomate’s games that has strong heroines in it. 雅恋~Miyako (Sangou) and Clock Zero (Nadeshiko). I’m glad Otomate now has makes a ton of strong heroines! There’re just 3 characters more to end 雅恋~Miyako…!!!

Oh well, here is some CG I’ve completed (I had said that it lacked 2 CGs, right? I hope I can renew it)………………………..

And the kissing scene (I chose the best I thinked):

I’m so sorry if there’s any wrong I’ve tell about this awesome story (2 times I’d said that). After all, this is a hard story..


  1. I’m feeling just the same as you, so glad & happy that I got to play such a great game.^_^ CZ is going to be my heart for a long time to come! (sighs from happiness~CZ♥) I love all the characters now, except Tora^^; of;corse especially Takato♥^_^

    The last 2 CGs are congratulation pictures for full comp. You just have to finish that No.3 ending. 🙂

    • I knew it… But, the thing is I don’t know how to get the no.03 ending… Something about didn’t have the specified to locked any character’s routes. Yeah, it’s really confused me. Can you tell me how are the exact answer to complete the no.03 ed?
      Hmm, Tora.. yeah, I thinked his route was a bit boring. I’m just playing it to get Takato’s ending though. Madoka’s ending actually a bit cute where they were eating together. The background is full of delicious-looking cakes!

      • You get it at the end of Ch.6 by choosing “put your hair ribbon into the time capsule” and don’t meet the requirements to continue. Simply mess up the bunny color/don’t visit the right place in the dream world/don’t get enough affection points for any character.

        [Long Tora rant/spoilers below]
        Yeah, Tora’s past conflict story doesn’t involve us(Nadeshiko) at all and I really disliked Osa. He made me hate the Yuushinkai. But Tora’s route really frightened me. I accidentally messed up and got a Bad End without expecting (the game didn’t even give me the last choice that separates good&bad ending so I was expecting a choice when the situation got really bad/violent) Then there was a description of blood and eyes and my first thought was that Tora had gauged his eyeballs out so I went UWAAAAAAA=[]=!!(though I think I misread that. Me and my stupid Japanese=_=”) The ending I got was much like Takato’s Timeless world ending when you mess up really early in the game but Bad end near the end. Then I followed guide diligently for return ED… only to get a really bad feeling when I asked if Takato and Riichirou were OK. (Masaka…OMG what did Tora do?!) then I saw the eyes reflected in the window and went “UWAAA” (scared) then saw the blood, realized it and was “UWAAAAAAAA=[]=!! USO! SHINJIRARENAI! Takato!Takato!Takato!!T__T” all over the place and after that I couldn’t understand anything except “suki datta yo” in past tense. WTF!?T_T Takato was already really hurt when he saw Nadeshiko’s hair.. so I got really upset after playing Tora’s route. The stay-behind ED didn’t resolve anything plus mentioned the King still trying to find Nadeshiko so I was hurt T__T again.
        Afterwards, I was determined to play Takato’s route because I wouldn’t be able to stand it anymore if Nadeshiko were taken away from him in any other route.

        • Nah, forget about the No.03 ending. I’ve got it (all the endings) now but didn’t resolve anything. Still doesn’t get the 2 CGs. Maybe it’s involved with the lacks of CGs I’ve got. This is so weird. I’ve completed all the endings, the character’s CGs, and the after story. But the etc. CG just count 46/55…. Where’re the missing CGs? Can you tell me if the 2 CGs are worth to get or not? I seems to have a headache after knowing this still lacks about 9 CGs (maybe just some different in the CGs I’ve got before)….!

          When Tora was covered with blood, I thinked it’s really cool. Especially since his eye’s color are different! I felt the same thing when Takato got Nadeshiko’s hair. Poor Takato… In Madoka’s route too. Takato just stood behind and did nothing when Nadeshiko said she chose Madoka.. Takato’s got the sad scenario in almost every routes. Really, this cause some sympathy for him..

      • [Madoka rant/spoilers below]
        I really liked Madoka:) or to be more exact, Bishop.
        I loved the way Toriumi-san voiced Bishop. (That slightly mocking and matter-of-fact tone=♥♥♥^_^) I also loved his Bad Ends lol (Takato♥ I got bad end for Madoka instantly on my first try because I couldn’t decline any of Takato’s requests to see us, and was happy lol) It hurt me a little to choose not to see Takato, because rejected Takato apologizing for bothering us was just =[]=”painful.T_T (“I’m sorry, Takato!”) but then Madoka comes to see us instead, comes really close(!) then kisses our fingers(!!) I am shocked and BLUSH!! Then he teases us and makes me/Nadeshiko mad. (I was mad too) But after that I liked/fell for him.LOL I enjoyed his route a lot.^_^

        The only thing I wasn’t really happy about was that I had believed Madoka was truly loyal to Takato and had become to think of Takato as an important person to him.(That’s what I thought in Takato’s route. I thought he truly cared for Takato.) But later in Madoka route, Madoka simply leaves Takato without hesitation… yeah well I know he thinks of his family as the most important thing but I was hoping he would get over it and make more important bonds in life other than family & us/Nadeshiko of’corse. (Where’s friendship?). Takato is really the type to give in to Nadeshiko’s happiness so there was potential for a true happy ending for Madoka’s stay-behind end but instead they pull it off by having the two keep running away from Takato forever.^^; (chotto zannen desu)

        • Yep, in Takato’s route, Madoka seems loyal. But in Madoka’s route, he came so annoying to Nadeshiko-Takato pair. I almost shouted when I must chose Madoka (just to complete every routes)..!! Why didn’t I choose Takato?? About family, yeah, it’s too for him to just stay behind Nakaba almost all the time. His childhood scenario is somewhat annoying. Even, he must be told by Nakaba to grab Nadeshiko from King.. I thinked he’s the childish one compared to heroine.

          And when I almost completed Takato’s route, I felt the struggle to completed it (‘coz I want to know the truth) or to not completed it (‘coz it’s sad if I must end it quickly). But I think it’s worth to complete Takato’s route first than Madoka’s. Because I just skipped the dialogue that had been done. When I used this skipped, then I couldn’t remember much about what they’re saying before. I think Shuuya’s route is just so-so… Didn’t know anyone ever mention Shuuya to be the fav one. How about Takato’s spoiler next>>?

  2. LOL I guess I will come back and rant about everyone. (Feels urge to rant about Shuuya) I also feel like writing a review but now I just want to rant spoilerishly LOL

    First let’s find a way to get you FULL COMP. If you completed the ending list already then HMM.. you may be missing some “walking home together” CGs. Each character has 4 CGs. You’ll have to talk to them on the same topic 3 times to get it. As long as you’ve seen the CG it counts as seen, so use quick save/load to go back to view all topics. Don’t give up!

    • Ok, I’ve found it! Takato&Riichirou just got 2 CGs, the others just 3 CGs…. There’re the missing CGs… I just have to play it again!! Thanks to you for the suggestion! I think it’ll take some time though..

      Yeah, yeah!!! I wants to speak about everyone in this game too…! They’re all loveable although some routes are quite weird. How about Riichirou’s? His 22 years old route has the weirdest of all ‘coz he can live in the 12 years old time with 22 years old body… Maybe because he’s the first to complete, his story is a bit unrealistic?

    • Ugh, sorry (missed the reply button)

      [Shuuya rant/spoilers below]
      I liked Shuuya’s route! Well, not at first. At first I couldn’t understand him coz he was talking weird/old times language/kept using complicated words.. I gave up talking to young Shuuya and skipped through the walking home/homework scenes. I did read his weekend scenes properly and after he gave us the flowers I felt for the first time: this person is really kind! Yasashii hito desu!

      I was playing Shuuya’s route last and skipping a lot. I hated Yuushinkai because Tora was mean, Riichirou never appears, and we get threatened by Osa and held hostage in this violent yakuza nest. (How could I forget? Osa beat us to death(?) in other bad endings) But then Shuuya stands up to protect us! He takes himself hostage saying that he’s the only one who can use the stolen technology and stuff so he’s valuable and spares Nadeshiko from her haircut. *o* (so impressed, that was much more impressive than how Rittan simply left us there) I felt his kindness again. And again, when he tries to make us feel comfortable/ spoon feeds us because we’re not hungry/ and makes us exercise (I LOLed a lot at that scene) Shuuya’s really kind even though he talks weird. 🙂

      Then the story takes a different turn from the other routes and I thought it was really interesting. The other characters are all either get sent back to old world or stay behind but with Shuuya’s route the situation was different. First, there’s only one Shuuya, he was the same one in both worlds. Second, Shuuya started to lose his memory. (Unlike other characters when Nadeshiko loses her memory afterwards but Shuuya starts to lose his memory as part of the story I was like O_o Oh no!) Nadeshiko even has to dive into his dreams to wake him up (surprise! Didn’t see that coming in CZ) and how the story was resolved was totally out of my expectations and even involved all CZ members and young Takato confronting Kaga-sensei. Now that, was really cool.

      Overall, Shuuya’s kindness was impressive and his return-ED is my 2nd favorite ED after Takato’s return-ED. But as for Shuuya’s character, I like Rittan and Madoka more. (Probably no need to mention but I love Takato the most. Takato x Nadeshiko are officially my OTP♥) Although Shuuya was really full of kindness, he couldn’t arouse chemistry or make my heart flop. And.. (oh no I don’t want to say this) I often felt Ishida-san’s voice was getting old..^^;(No I said it!!!=[]=!! I don’t want Ishida-san to get old and even so I still love you, Ishida-sannnn)

      To me, for characters other than Takato and Rittan, I didn’t feel as “setsunai” because they hadn’t been in pain from losing Nadeshiko for as long. 9 years is way painful compared to only having met for a month at school then only a short time in the broken world.

      OK Takato next! (Truthfully I’m scared of writing about Takato.. I may end up writing useless “I love him so much” or “he made my heart hurt so bad” and it’ll be unreadable nonsense^^;;)

      ..Oh yeah, I want to talk about Rittan too! But huh? [Quote “he can live in the 12 years old time with 22 years old body”] What do you mean by that?

      • I skipped Shuuya’s exercise scenes too and just read weekend scenes… Wow, we’ve the same thoughts about that…!

        In Yuushinkai, there’s just Madoka who appears from the King’s side and makes me very down. I just didn’t have the patient to wait for Takato to appeared. This is so nostalgic to have discuss this story with you.

        Ishida might looks old too for me, his sound seems heavier than… compares to Cou (Elemental Gelade) or Athrun (Gundam Seed). Even as a child, his voice is also heavy. His way of talk is too long! But I have to consider that his CG’s color are full of pastel color and really suit his kindness (just remember the CG when he wakes up beside Nadeshiko then slowly open his eyes).. So cute like a child (Don’t know why, but I almost think that the face of Shuuya in 14 years old is much older than 24 years old. Maybe because of his hairstyle or haircolor, or what?).

        About ending no.13 of Riichirou’s. It’s when I think is very weird. From my perspective, they’re lives in Nadeshiko’s world with their 22 years body…

        Yeah, read about someone who loves Takato really makes me happy too! ‘coz it’s really hard to find Takato’s fan (it seems Riichirou’s getting much affection because of his coat?)… Takato just got Santa’s-like coat (it’s disappointing)?!

  3. [CONT.] I’m still not over CZ..lol

    Madoka’s appearance in Yuushinkai: You know what? I was all KYA~XD over Madoka in that scene. “Our King is angry. Normally he’s a kind person, but when he’s angered he becomes scary, so hand her back. ” OK so Madoka was talking about Takato so I’m KYA~XD times two. Madoka’s voice was realllllllly cute on that line. In Madoka’s and Takato’s routes I forgot about it but that time when Madoka came over to Yuushinkai, everyone was big panic because Bishop is a high-ranking person(erai hito). Madoka kakkoiii!!XD

    Shuuya/Ishida-san: Yeah.. come to think of it Shuuya is “Philosopher” which is why he had to talk like that. But strangely, in his own route he hardly did anything showing off how smart he is supposed to be (as Tora likes to say). Agree with you on his face, I like adult ver. so much more. His young ver. face is too dreamy.. plus his clothes looked a bit patched and torn(lol) Sorry Shuuya!XD

    [On Riichirou/Time theory/spoilers below]
    OK! I remember now! (played his route first so memories of Rittan were buried under a ton of Takato’s lol) Umm.. this is what I interpreted about Rittan’s route. I think the theory about time/space in Rittan’s route is different from the other routes. The other routes use an infinite parallel world theory (as Takato explained once: even if he changes the past, his own time won’t change and the Nadeshiko in his world won’t wake up) but Rittan’s route wasn’t like that. Because in END No.13, Rittan and Nadeshiko go back to the past and change it (they scare young.Nadeshiko from telling her name to the foreigner) then when they go back to their own time (the broken world), they find that the world has returned to normal and they went home without their parents missing them as if they had never disappeared and Nadeshiko never had an accident in the first place. So they just took back their place in their lives and continued living. (and literally lost 10 years time of their lives). ….Hope that didn’t get too confusing, but that’s the way I thought about Rittan’s route before I learned more from other routes. Once I look back, the theory from other routes doesn’t fit for Rittan’s route.

    If you conclude that Rittan’s return-ED also uses the same theory as the stay-behind one, then you can assume adult.Rittan who had sent Nadeshiko back to the past, after changing the past/saving Nadeshiko, found that the world returned to normal and went home to find Nadeshiko waiting for him. *True Happy end!* IMO, Rittan and Takato were the only 2 that received true happy ends where everyone is happy.

    [Short Rittan rant]
    His route had the sweetest love scenes, imo.:) Sooooo sweet! They share childhood memories and it was nice to see that they changed/but also didn’t change at all. Rittan is the least complicated character I guess. Quite the opposite of Takato (Takato never lies or jokes, he only says the truth.) But Rittan is “sunao janai”, he hardly says his feelings honestly, acts a bit cold but really loves Nadeshiko the same. Cute! (But not as cute as ..LOL I should stop here.)

    • Wow, it’s good to have share the thoughts!

      Yeah, it did the same for me. Almost forgotting Riichirou’s route ‘coz it’s the first time I’ve had played it… You did a great job describing their things so much (I must admit that I’m not too good to write an essay, even for my test…. Ex: someone did 4 pages then I did just 2.5 pages!!)!

      Riichirou’s…. I think it’s the problem why we don’t remember much about his. Aside from his route was played for the first time, his route was different from the others. Guess playing this game really drained my energy and brain-thinking..@_@

      Riichirou’s really had his love feeling for years. Contrast to Takato whom just had a few months to love Nadeshiko. In one way, Riitan’s feeling is much sad because he have his feeling since he still very small than Takato’s. Riitan must wait for more years than 10 years for Takato. So I think it must be why he was so desperately searching for Nadeshiko (not want to be defeated by King). In other way, Takato’s feeling is just too wonderful! The love he’s feels for just a few months can still remains for 10 years later. His feeling was true for his 12 years old mind (so sweet!!!). Can’t wait for your Takato’s… I can’t keep down my feelings for him!!! Just so cute as a child (sorry, but I don’t think the child Riitan is look cute) and so cool as an older one (then again, his voice’s making him more kind -for Nadeshiko- but strong person).

      • OMG!!! O_o (is embarrassed at that wall of text above)
        *Hazukashii!! XD*

        The first time Rittan touched my heart was when he had been searching countless hundreds of past time spaces, looking for Nadeshiko and trying to save her, but failing each time and seeing her get hit by the car countless times. I guess that was enough to break Rittan but he didn’t turn out as broken as Takato. (My heart hurt for him then) Rittan was really “bukiyou” umm not good at expressing one’s true feelings, so I wasn’t so attracted to him at first. Later I thought his “bukiyou”ness was cute!

        Just to note, Rittan is really stubborn isn’t he? Kind of like a mouse that hits a dead end but keeps banging into the wall. He doesn’t confide in anyone else, he doesn’t try to think of other ways. Rittan Rittan! Good that things worked out in the end.:)

        How Nadeshiko suddenly disappeared from Rittan’s world finally knocked some sense into him. In the real world, most of us take things for granted like that too. CZ is really really such a great game to remind us to be nicer to our loved ones.*suteki-sugiru~~~*XD

        Takato’s world started after he met Nadeshiko. Before this he always thought he was different from other humans. Although it was only one year, it meant everything to him. When that time didn’t last long, it was like the world crumbled down at that moment and lost it’s meaning. <How did Otomate invent this story? The more you think about it, the more amazing it gets!

        • It’s so scared to watching the loved one to died countless times… Riitan’s actually really brave!

          Yeah, Takato always sees Nadeshiko as someone who makes his world brighter, full of something cheerful, and makes tons of memories. It’s fate.. How he ends up liking her so much ’till the world breaks (but not the end)…

  4. [Takato rant/spoilers below/nonsensical love warning]

    As I said it’s so hard to talk about Takato. Because I love EVERYTHING about him.XD Just thinking about him arouses so many feelings in me. Takato is a really complicated character and most of the time, I’m using my heart rather than my brain to understand him. (How can Otomate create such a character?XD Or is it me who’s the weird one who loves him so much?)

    Pretty much of the reason why I love Takato so much is the same as what you described above, you can really feel Takato’s deep sadness/deep love for us/Nadeshiko and it’s all mingled with kindness. Takato’s feelings are just so strong.. so strong that they corrupted his own mind.. his actions also show it, how he put so much effort into saving us and he did such terrible things for us although he’s really a kind person (such a contradiction-just emphasizes how much he loves us/Nadeshiko. How he can’t live without us-he really can’t and it’s not just words). The sadness you feel from him/ see in his eyes/ hear it in his voice is because Takato actually feels VERY SAD about breaking the world and everything, although he himself doesn’t realize it yet/ is smiling. He’s smiling because he’s kind. It’s not surprising he became corrupted.. add the fact that he’s a genius and his mind is even stronger than I can understand, how much pain he’s been feeling is sort of unimaginable.^^; All that makes your heart hurt for him terribly. I mean, really terrible.;_; And you really want him to be happy.

    When we woke up in the broken world and Rein informed Takato that we woke up safely, Takato’s “sou ka” almost killed me. I really gotta praise Namikawa Daisuke-san. He was awesome throughout the game. Oh yeah, and Takato’s really weak when it comes to Nadeshiko. He even needed to prepare his heart before meeting us.XD

    But when Nadeshiko met Takato for the first time after she wakes up, you feel it. Takato’s scary=[]=!! He loves you so much IT’S SCARY!! UWAAA~~T_T He’s doing scary terrible things for you with a smiling face=[]=!

    I loved all the scenes where we/Nadeshiko felt more of Takato’s heart, how he started to open up to us, how he gradually regained his emotions… (if I write about every scene it’ll never end, but yes I love every scene)….

    OK. I give up. I have to say that I loved the “no count” kiss sceneXD It was sooo beautiful! Add another personality to Takato, he’s also manipulative and a bit selfish (wagamama) It’s so cute!! XD *MOE*

    I was really scared that Takato would break down after Nadeshiko got shot. Then when he didn’t I was so relieved I cried.;_; yokatta…

    But the last scene when Takato decides to send Nadeshiko back to her world, was the real proof that Takato has been healed. He’s regained his heart once again. He knows that it’s wrong to have snatched Nadeshiko from her world/ from himself in that world and for stopping time in that space. So he sent her back even though it broke his heart.;_; (so sad! T__T) Even so, Nadeshiko had saved him. So it was really bittersweet when Nadeshiko went back and had a happy ending with young Takato. I loved how adult.Takato sent a letter back to young.Takato. More praise to the scenario writers! Of’corse the happiest moment was when the Nadeshiko back in the broken world woke up. Hontou ni yokatta!^___^ (Now I can keep on imagining that Takato and Nadeshiko help each other rebuild the broken world, create their own kingdom, and live happily ever after…♥^_^

    About Takato hating the one who caused Nadeshiko’s accident: I don’t think that’s true. Takato hated himself for “not hating” the one who caused Nadeshiko’s accident. He’s just too kind. But he thought that because he loved Nadeshiko, it should be natural for him to hate the culprit. But when he caught the man, he only felt pity. That’s when I thought: WOW. He’s so pure!
    About the explosion that destroyed the world, when Nadeshiko first asked him about it, he said that he felt sad. But also that it couldn’t be helped. He felt like watching the incident happening from far away but felt responsible for it. Yeah, at that time I think he was way gone with grief. His mind probably used self-protection measures to prevent him from breaking down=he was already corrupted. But later he cried hugging Nadeshiko saying that actually he didn’t want to break the world.;_; He really regretted it! (insert me = hurt hurt hurt;_;)

    Let’s talk a little about young Takato/Nadeshiko. I think he was the one to open Nadeshiko’s world. Before this Nadeshiko was always bored but after she met Takato, they could have fun talking with each other unlike with other people. It’s cute that they only wish for normal happiness. IMO there’re a very suitable couple.^_^ Yeah, and Nadeshiko was awesome that time when she told Takato that what he’s doing can’t be something that has no meaning. I’m glad the after story had a bit more about Takato and how he had dreamed to make people who he doesn’t know happy. So kind!

    To top it off, in the epilogue Takato and Nadeshiko learn that they should treasure every second of their time together (the “present”) and I am all “OMG THIS IS SUCH A GOOD GAME” WOWOWOWOW *IMPRESSED*

    *sighs with happiness* thinks about the “mysterious explosion” scene. It makes me smile all the time. I think I still have a thousand more things I want to say about Takato’s route. The cute scenes with Rein and Madoka, when everyone in Clock Zero acknowledged the King’s kindness… There are also some things I didn’t understand like about “Shuuen no Ichibyou” in the last scene of return-ED. What’s the meaning of that?!? It’s the keyword of the story title and I don’t understand it=[]=!orz

    I can’t remember since when I’ve been so moved by a love story as Takato’s… hontou ni suteki deshita!*_* OMG.. how long is this wall of text now.. it seems to get longer with each post.^^;

    • Wow! I feel Takato’s really broken with that everytime smile too! Deep down, he must be the sad-est person of all (losing Nadeshiko’s consciousness, breaking the world, make Nadeshiko afraid of him, how he can’t understand his true feelings, etc, etc…).!!!

      I’m also afraid if he lose Nadeshiko again (how could this broken-heart person be even more broke?)… The fact that Nadeshiko was alright had reassured me. I could felt the happiness in Takato’s heart when he met Nadeshiko for the first time after the accident. He was preparing his mind to be able to understood what Nadeshiko think of himself, of that broken world… Although in the end Nadeshiko really scared about what Takato has been done, but it’s normal. How can I not be able to feels what Takato’s feeling after read and listen to such logically, sad, inspiring scenario?

      When in the end Takato felt relieved to send Nadeshiko back, I felt so tragic! He must had thinking about it a lot (esp., after sending Nadeshiko with other people-Madoka- with kind, I think he wants Nadeshiko but he can be so kind to just let them goes). Takatoooo!!! Really can’t see him suffer so much. How can his story and personality be so sad? It makes me can’t run away from him… How much I felt his regret too when he’s telling that he was the one who broke the world (So shocked! So heart-breaking!). I really don’t want to loose this story from my heart…!

      The story goes really smooth and everything (every minds and morals) can be told by this awesome story. What we usually thinks will happens if Nadeshiko knows the truth about Takato’s doing, maybe we thinks of it too. How much scared Nadeshiko bears to the broken world, how she can keeps her mind strong, or how she knows love so much. If I am Nadeshiko herself, I must be hates Rein so much (He was causing Takato to suffered so long and he was betrayed him too in the end). But I can feel Rein’s suffering too to loose his sister. In the end, I can’t hate him so much. They’re all human-like. It’re all told by this beautiful, yet tragic game.

      I don’t know how Otomate make this game (so strong to stay in my heart)? Unfortunately, there’re a few people knows about this game. Otomate should convert it to PSP (I want to play it in PSP, again!)!!!

      • Agree! Takato’s the saddest character ever;_; (I actually like it when my heart hurts.. I guess I’m masochist lol) Hehe~ I was smiling while reading everything. It’s really great to share love for Takato♥^_^

        How Takato could be more broke… yeah IMO even Timeless World Ending couldn’t express my imagination of how painful it would be if Takato really broke down. I think Otomate went easy on us, because I don’t want to see Takato so hurt!(No, I really don’t!UMM..or do I? XD) Speaking of bad endings I sort of liked the one when Takato got shot and died telling Nadeshiko “I love you” until the last moment. His voice was so so so so KYA XD♥

        Takato always whispers to us softly and can say “I love you” so naturally… makes me melt… *sigh*~<3

        I have to agree that the scenario is so awesome! It's so polished.. smooth and shining brightly everywhere. Music fits the atmosphere perfectly too! (I was playing "A Cat may look at a King" on repeat the whole time writing about Takato… it fits him really well, pure, kind, sad, love, deep) I was crying all the time during Ch.15.. but when Takato cried too.. I guess I must have nearly died from my heart hurting so much.. unbearably tragic but bittersweet at the same time.

        I like to imagine that when the Nadeshiko of the broken world (King Takato's Nadeshiko) wakes up, she'll have the memories of when young Nadeshiko's consciousness was in her body. Even though they're different but they're also the same Nadeshiko. And imagine how happy Takato will be when she finally wakes up! //^w^//~♥ I bet he'll cry.. but this time from happiness! So I think it was best that Takato sent young Nadeshiko's mind back. Then maybe in the future, older Takato and older Nadeshiko can time jump back to the past to peek at their happy younger selves, hold hands, giggle about how cute they are and be happy from it. (Where is my mind wondering off to? lol But it makes me happy)

        I can't feel mad at Rein because he's the same as Takato… they both did terrible things because without the one they love, the world lost it's meaning… you're absolutely right, they're both human. 🙂

        CZ isn't even based on magic or supernatural powers. It's all science, humans and pure love… although yeah Takato is a genius to be able to do all that…

        BTW, I'm so crazy over CZ and crave so much more information/story (fandisk pleaseee Otomate~~Visual Book pleaseeee~~rerelease of limited drama CDs pleaseee).. I also want the dramas but can't get my hands on them…(wants the King/Bishop/Rook one) …orz… Yeah, not many ppl know about this game yet.. it's only been 2 months since the release. I may try to get into otomedream to see if there's anything in there…LOL *crazy CZ fangirl mode start!*

        • Yeah, Namikawa as Takato…. Really great to whispering ‘I love you’!!! With a tiny calm voice… makes hearts flutter! His feelings could be felt…
          Namikawa-san as Izumi in 雅恋~MIYAKO~ is great too. His voice’s so soft but sometimes very firm… After listened to the two of them, I began to like his voice (I really don’t mind his voice before-whether as Komura Yuuichi in Hiiro no Kakera nor as Jeral in Fairy Tail-).

          How about the `after Takato-‘s story? They seemed so happy after Takato brought Nadeshiko to school’s rooftop. Staying together with Takato!!! Uwaah… it must be happiness…! Too bad, doesn’t have any CG.

          The drama CD I’ve just got was the child one. Haven’t had the opportunity to listened to it.. I want the older version one!!!!! Hmm…, I just don’t want the visual book to be just inserted CGs in the game though..

      • I forgot to read the bonus track stories properly! ‘_’;;;(sweat)

        I’ve listened to the preorder ver. drama already, it’s not very interesting imo because doesn’t have Nadeshiko in it(although they say Nadeshiko’s name) and actually I’m not that fond of Nakaba (he gets so much role!chotto urusai) They used a ghost joke I think…^^; (my listening skills are much worse than reading skill..) As for adult ver. drama, I just ordered the Limited version, hope I’ll receive it soon! 🙂 But the limited shop exclusive ones.. can’t afford them=_+”

        • Child Nakaba really annoying! But the adult one very cool. I mean, if I must choose between adult Madoka or Nakaba, I will choose Nakaba…? Adult Madoka just have some tiny two eyes, but when his eyes are fully awake, he looks cooler. Esp. in the bonus CG!

          I don’t think I can afford any of the drama CD…

      • HMMM…I think I’ll choose Madoka over Nakaba (because Nakaba’s too hyper, I’ll probably be tired..) and Madoka makes my heart beat more XD

        BTW, I received my order today!\^_^/..orz
        The adult ver. drama CD is really good! I’ve uploaded it on my LJ. (points to link above ^) No Nakaba lol. Plenty of cool Takato and Bishop/Takato scene.

        • Wow, thank u so much to have uploaded it…!
          Is it plenty of Takato? Yayyy!!!! I want to listen to Takato’s temptation voice!

          Yeah, well, I can’t blame you to not like Nakaba. In the beginning I doesn’t like him too (his voice is so loud and doesn’t mean anything, just to show off his cheerful personality). But the adult one has change, of course. He looks more reliable when it comes to rescue Nadeshiko (because of his info and his suggestion that Madoka can comes back to Nadeshiko). And his voice a little more calm. Too bad he isn’t playable (maybe if his surviving story were told, then we could felt sorry for him too, maybe..)…!

        • I’ve listened to it and very happy!!! Wow, Takato is very cool as a King! When Madoka told about himself (“Position: Bishop”), really cool!!!

          The Riitan-Shuuya’s dialogues are funny too.. Really love it, thanks!! ^o^

  5. Could you tell me the which version of pcsx2 u use and the configuration setting that u use? I could seem to play it at even a normal speed, the game is super lag, cpuld even get pass the op :sigh: Pleaseee help me…. i’m desperate to play this wonderful game, the BEST ever made…

    • The OP can’t be seen if using pcsx. And I’m trying to calm my heart for the lag…. Maybe you can wait ’til Otomate will port it to PSP. And, you can reduce the lag by not opening any other program, except for downloading (So I can still download any files even if I use pcsx). It can reduce some low speed and avoiding sudden shutdown on PC.

      • I can play it on PCSX2 without any lag and I can watch the OP/EDs (I can even browse internet with 10 tabs at the same time no problem). It probably depends on the speed of your laptop/pc more than anything else. If you have speed problems, you should have your pc in best shape (defraged/cleaned up etc) and run as few other programs as possible while playing. Also try turning off your antivirus. I also disable the internet connection if I’m not using it.. though that’s for saving battery only.


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