A New Spirit

This week is so full of the end of anime series! Hakuouki Hekketsu-roku, Otome Youkai Zakuro, Shinrei Tantei Yakumo, and Shiki… Before that, there’s Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu (I didn’t have chance to watch it though) too. Maybe this was the meaning to end that last year to produce something new this new year.

I’ve played Clock Zero~Shuuen no Ichibyou until the 5th episode. Yeah, I know it’s so mysterious. But in the beginning, it’s somewhat boring with daily life and assignment. I think I almost get to the other world (dream world) much more after this. I hope so… I agree with some player thinks that Clock Zero is somewhat one of the best Otomate game. The story keeps telling mysteries until everything has solved. And true, I’ve always like Kaga Akira! He’s so cute, somehow a very sad person, and nice (Yeah, this is what I get for 5 episodes, don’t know what he’ll become later). Here are some pictures from the game:

Look at how sexy he is! I can’t believe I’d said that… He is the only characters in game that can catch my heart.

When he told story about the one he had loved for 10 years (I think…)

Kurou Nadeshiko (heroine), looking into mirror and have the older look.

I will post much more romantic CG if I have finish the game.. Sadly, there’s no romantic CG until the episode I’m at now. So after this, I hope it’ll be much more.

Oh yeah, I have uploaded the OP song for this game (Kaisa no Rasen by love solfege Marie) in here, number 55… True, my download page is so messy, sorry…

I’m playing Miyako too. And my fav are Izumi and Ichigou. Haven’t finish that one too (just playing Abe no Seimei route and haven’t finish). So much to play this vacation… Hope I’m able to finish Clock Zero before university days come back in mid February.


~ by twentyninenights on January 1, 2011.

4 Responses to “A New Spirit”

  1. I agree about Kaga Akira is sooo cute!XD
    That scene when he bends his head down to tell us about how he’s been in a one-sided love with us for ten years TOTALLY made me fall for him. His kind face and eyes tinted with sadness were just so.., and on top of that his voice was just so ..KYAA! (undescribably hot XD XD MOEEEE) And once you put the pieces that he’s been doing everything for us made me fall for him even more although I had been doing activities and walking home with Rittan for his route. (He stole all my love just like that LOL) Although, later I fell for Rittan too when it was revealed that he had been doing everything for us all along just like Takato/Akira.^_^

    Thanks so much for Kaisa no Rasen!

    • Yeah!! I’m glad there’s one Kaga Akira’s fan. There’re so much Kanou Riichirou’s fans almost in every blog I’ve read. I haven’t finish playing this game though…

      • Did you finish Takato’s route yet? //^w^// I just finished and I loved it so so so much! He made my heart hurt so bad I almost died from the SETSUNAI-ness…

        *squeals at the CG on your background*
        It’s really hard to find Takato fans.. um.. is it OK to moe over Takato with you? ^w^//ehehe..

        • Yeah, I’ve finished it a few hours ago! Since I’ve to share my PC with my sister, it’s so hard to play anytime I wish. Takato is the only character I’ve found so complicated. I’ve never seen such character with so much complicated, mad, and sad feelings and minds other than him. Truthfully, I don’t really like the return to usual time again. I preferred the other world ending the most……… It’s much reasonable.
          Fine, because I too, really loves him so much since he has the most unusual personality other than any characters I’ve found in anime, manga, or game. I couldn’t catch every words he had said though, cause he’s so hard to understand by others. I’m so glad that I can share this “gya gya” feelings about Takato with others,.,.,

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