Anything New With My Rabbits?

Just want to say that I have raised a 2 months rabbit from birth to now. He’s so cute and like a brat, very naughty. So, there’re 10 ten rabbits in total (my home is like a breeding farm for rabbit-no, actually is not a farm). He used to run everywhere, hiding under a cupboard and bring dust after that. Really cheerful and a healthy one. But first, he almost died because the lack of food. I’m glad after I fed him myself his food, he became so much healthy-too much! So, this is him:

Very cute, soft, and fluffy like an animal doll

There are many others:

So small when he’s still a baby

Other rabbits:

The Mother

His friend (left), his two brother and sister (the twin-black at the center), and his mother.

A happy family though there’re more rabbits that can’t be place here….

Okay, just for fun, really. I have to study for my final exam at December 13th-22nd. And do some other test at December 28th-29th… I guess this Christmas won’t be too cheerful for me……


  1. I saw that you had a Rabbit category so I JUST HAD TO LOOK. OH MY GOD THEY’RE SO CUTE ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ I love rabbits!! I have a pet rabbit myself 😀 and I’m planning on getting another one~ You have so many!! They’re so darling, and they all have such beautiful unique patterns~! Mine is all black and a lionhead breed (*´ω`*) he’s very cute, he’s very little~ I’ve had him since he was a baby, he was a gift from one of my friends who breeds lionheads (♡´౪`♡) he’s my baby haha he follows me every where I go!! Rabbits are great pets, ne?

    • I have so many of them in the past. But now, most of them died from illness. I’ve just raising 3 of them now.

      Mine are two breeds of Dutch-Lyon from my previous rabbits (Uh, I saw them born myself. They’re cute as a babies) and a Lyon itself. And I have the similar situation as you. They’d follow me everywhere, especially if they heard some plastic sound because it would look like we wanted to eat and must give them. One of them is very clever at jump onto the table, opening the food cover, and eating food inside..

      • Aww, that’s sad 😦 but at least you still have 3, right? 🙂 Aww you have such cute breeds! And haha same with mine, when he hears me get up in the morning he runs to the front of his cage and sits there, waiting for me to feed him or give him a treat xD And wow! Your rabbit is so clever lol I don’t think mine would dare to try that because he knows he would get in trouble :p mine can do tricks though, he can shake and come when you call his name, and a few other things 😀

        • Oh, the same thing in the morning and the time they wanna eat, they’re always bite cage to let me hear their minds “Just feed me already! I’m hungry”….

          And rabbits are very clever, almost the same as dogs. They can hear you calling them and rushes to us. Just too bad they didn’t have sound so I didn’t know when they feel lonely. All of all, it’s fun to have them everyday, releasing my stress of their cute shape and behavior.

          • I agree, they really are just like little puppies xD following you everywhere or coming when you call haha yeah, I wish they could be a little more vocal. Sometimes I think mine is a little lonely, since he’s by himself when I have to leave for class, he always sits there and watches me leave, and when I come home he’s sitting at the top of his cage looking out the window cause his cage is right next to the window. But he’s a lot of fun to be around so he always livens up my day \o/ rabbits are just too cute haha

          • Yep, to have a pet is one way of living up our lives!! I like dogs too but living with rabbits is more convenient because they’re not too big. And they’re also clever as to peeing around their cage. I’d love to train them how to do it and very happy if they can understand my thoughts.

            And how sad it is, looking them seeing outside the window (his expression must be very sad but cute). My little bunny have always searching ways to jump off outside the half door below if the bigger one have jumped. Looking at him, I feel like getting him outside if there’s no stray cats coming… But they’ve kept coming anyway, so I’ll look forward to bring the little one outside after it get much older.

          • Yes, i agree~! I love dogs as well but rabbits I feel like are great pets for quieter, older people. They’re convenient because of how small they are, but also they’re quiet and will love you just as much as any one else will~ And you don’t have to let them outside for bathroom breaks haha. Mine is litter box trained, so he’s allowed to run around the apartment when I’m home 😀
            And yes it makes me very sad 😦 I hope that I can get him paired with another bunny so that he won’t be so lonely 😀 He has lots of toys and a big cage, but I think having another rabbit around will just increase his happiness, and since he gives so much to me I feel as though I should give back to him \o/
            Ahaha, rabbits really love being outside, but I always have to monitor my bunny. At the family home, there are a lot of foxes around that aren’t afraid of humans so I get scared to let him outside by himself.

          • I’m also letting them running around my house, especially since the little one can’t do much rather than jump on to table and chairs, following the older (Oh, I’m so happy seeing them be good to each other. Sometimes, it’s hard to let them together if one of it is fierce towards other). The experience with foxes was the same as stray cats near my neighboors. It didn’t scared by human, and kept coming to earn food. But my older bunny is.. too proud of himself, scaring the cat to go away!

          • Aww that’s so cute, the little one following the older one ^0^ it’s like the older one is teaching the younger one haha~ so cute!
            Haha you have a guard bunny! Your older bunny wants to keep you all safe from the cat :> that’s so cute~!!

          • Yes, they’ve always walks together. I’m glad they’re good friends. It’s true that the older teaching the younger, such as asking for food, etc. They have similarities because of it.

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