The Man World of Alice

I think this is ridiculous….? What is the reason Otomate will make Are You Alice? into an otome game? I don’t know what/ who will be the role of the main character. Is it a girl or a man? Or the hero, Alice-man version?

The first time I know “Are You Alice?” title was from manga. Then, I think it’s came as CD too. I don’t really know about anything else that come after this title. I had just read a few chapters of the manga. Sure think, I’m confused because there’re much difference from the usual Alice in Wonderland story. Uhm, I think it’s because of the gender? There are all male!!! Full of male characters. Okay, the truth is I don’t feel really interested in this title. And I’ve forgotten what I’ve read of that few chapters. The world is so strange and the characters are all too much… I don’t know. It feels boring to me if the story looks like has no end. I hope it’ll end well.

Then, the new game other than that will be “BROTHERS CONFLICT”. I don’t know what will that be about. Maybe, brothers? Seems funny and not interesting too. I just hope for Hanaoni. Nothing else at the moment…


~ by twentyninenights on November 22, 2010.

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