Journey With Valkyria

Finished!!!!! I already finished Valkyria Chronicles II!!! At least, the story mission. Even if I had end this story, there’re still much mission that came after another… This game is so tiring! But really fun. Hmm, about the pics, I’ve been searching for it everywhere, but the second VC don’t come with many pics. It’s disappointing…

Yeah, enough about the pictures. I love the characters despite there’re so much characters. Even Juliana. At the beginning, I didn’t like her because her ambitiousness to be perfect. But after she began to like Zeri, I think she’s cute. And after she died after the battle with Dirk and his gang, I’d felt sad.

For fav charas, I like Randy, Zeri, Anisette, Marion, and Coleen. Randy (blonde, have two bad hair on his side-like a sheep) is a popular vice president of student council. But he has some another (real) personality. He can use tricky ways to obtain what he want and always end with some comedy. Zeri (the second hero) is a cool, calm, and heroic. He wants to be a hero to change the world. He is a Darcsen and because of that, many people hates him. But he stands them all and keeps going. Anisette (have same hair color as her sister-gray) is Edy’s (first game) young sister. She tries hard to be an idol like Edy.  Marion (long, black hair) is a calm girl. But she can be so weird after see weapons. Yeah, she’s a weapon maniac! Coleen is an idol in Squad G. She’s beautiful and strong. But she took Morris (out-of-standing one and clumsy) to be her lover.

I don’t like Cossette Coalhearth (the heroine). She’s clumsy, her skill isn’t strong, and weak. Maybe it’s because of her past. She saw her family being killed and after that, had became not available to saw colors. Yeah, it’s that way. But in battle, she’s no use…

So, my most use characters now change. I used Avan Hardins (scout elite), Zeri (gunner elite), Randy Hamsun-hamster? (engineer elite), Alicia Gunther (scout), Anisette Nelson (heavy gunner), Jugin (lancer), Coleen Celsius (lancer elite), Reiner Tristan (lancer elite), Sigrid Eissel (sniper elite), Marion Siegbahn (trooper elite), Edy Nelson (trooper elite), and Lavinia Lane (tank).

Squad G’s pictures. From left bottom: Hubert Brixham (their teacher), Lavinia Lane, Lotte Netzel, Zeri, Avan Hardins, Cosette Coalhearth, Nichol Martin, Vario Kraatz, Melissa Dalen, Pete Stang, Vicky Baytear, Chloe Bixen, Sigrid Eissel, Erik Kampmann, Anisette Nelson, Coleen Celsius, Nahum Dryer, Reiner Tristan, Inghild Noverre, Morris Lling, Noel Willoch, Marion Siegbahn, Mischlitt, Magari, Jugin, Franca Martin, Sofia Collins, Jamill Caines, Heinz Gilden, Randy Hamsun, Rene Randall, Alexis Hilden, Raymond Moen, Helmut Bourdais, and last Joachim Osen. Okay, that’s all without Aliasse, the valkyrie (who even doesn’t have much role in the second game-the valkyria I mean).

Unlike the first game, there isn’t any of the hero will be a lover for Cosette. I think it’s good since Avan, Zeri, and Cosette are more suitable to be just friends (unlike Alicia, Welkin, and Faldio).

The third game will be much darker than the first and second. Come next year with two OVAs… I can’t wait to play and watch it. But, why OVA and not TV series? And why the’re just two not four? This can’t be use to tell the whole story! It’s much darker and yet the anime will be OVA… ‘course the heroine I like will be the valkyria-Riela Marcellis! The two heroines in this game all are, like, strong. I like strong personality girl.

Riela Marcellis, Kurt Irving, Imuka

I just hope that the other VC will be in PSP too. I don’t intend to buy PS3 and don’t like it too much than the PS2…


~ by twentyninenights on November 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “Journey With Valkyria”

  1. VC should come back on PS3. The PSP spin-offs are weaker in game play, story telling, graphic and are focused on young players. Plus I dont like how it is game design switching from mature anime style into teenage/high school anime style ( Big sword, with two machine guns ORLY ?)

    • I agree from the style point. The canvas style is more rare to use and really special. It’s a creative way to use a color. I didn’t quite like the story of VC2, but the third was more good with traitor’s plot. Except for Imca’s story. Firstly, I thought her story would be more complicated. It’s disappointed me to knew that it’s normal. Maybe, to make the story more weighted, they could used Imca’s betrayal plot too.

      If it’s on PS3, I don’t think I can play it….

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