Made My Week

I’ve finally finished the all of story mission from Valkyria Chronicles II and my goal now is for get Welkin into my squad!!! I’m glad I’ve already finished it after about 3 months playing (if I don’t go to university, then it won’t be this long!), and before my final test for this semester. This’s proves that my ability to play RPG still remains, right (I’ve been thinking about this more after playing so much otome game)?
Next, I’ll play Hiiro no Kakera Shin Tamayari-hime Denshou and Hanakisou for sure. Then, I will wait for Valkyria Chronicles III, Shinigami to Shoujo, and… I’m hoping so much that Clock Zero will be remake for PSP.
I’ve got my previous deleted song albums about 87%, then the others are so hard to find ’cause some have already deleted from the actual files. But I think it’s okay, I’m not into them. And my hard task for this semester was already done too, so I’m half free now. But this semester will be the hardest from all because I want to apply a job too!! Hope I can get it….


~ by twentyninenights on November 13, 2010.

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