Interesting Life

Woohoooo!!! Finally, back to my free time!!!!!! OKay, the mid exam had done already. Now, it’s back to my playing time!
Sure, I’m still playing Valkyria Chronicles II and have a few passwords for having the characters from the first one. This maybe all I want, but really, I want Alicia and Welkin to be unlock with password too rather than completed the game or level 50 for all classes (hmmm, there are 5 classes and that I must level-up them about 250x!!! So good…). And I feel dissapointed because Alicia in anime version can be unlocked just by playing the Japanese version…
Yeah, cause of this, I’m not done playing the other games (Hiiro no Kakera Shin Tamayori-hime Denshou, Starry Sky, Hanakisou, etc)… Really, I must completed them before December, 13 or the final exam will starting soon.

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