Another Story of Valkyria

I’m a bit into Senjou no Valkyria 2 now… Still playing and still in March (Hopefully I can trigger it to December or anything, but the story mission in this month really makes me sick!). This is a PSP game and continuing the first game (in PS3). I’m so happy that the second one is in PSP so I can play it without a PS3 (and also the third one). The happyness thing isn’t come from the story or the main characters, but because Alicia and Welkin is here…in the second game! And after they’ve married too! Though this still lacks the story about them (and still hard to get them into my squad)…

This game’s really fun. I’ve never tried any combat game before, but this is full of strategies and actions! Yeah, but I still loves the first story, the second seems a bit slow (cause the setting is in a school, maybe?). I heard the third one will be more dark than before (Umm,, I think someone told about two heroines, the one with Valkyria blood, and the other with revenge of Valkyrie). Maybe the third one will become more must playing game for me. Whatever it is, I hope I’m not going crazy into this game right after mid exam is coming!!!

I couldn’t play the first one but I watched the anime. At first time, I think this’ll be full of happy moments and not any of them died. But this doesn’t make sense b’cause this is a war story… And b’cause of that, the story become more interesting and saddening. I like the story who doesn’t just lead to a happy ending. Or everybody still live happy forever (‘course that doesn’t count my favourite character-who almost the non-main chara one). Speaking of fav chara, in this series (about first and second), I likes Welkin and Alicia better than another. But in the second one, I likes Randy (yeah, the two-faced guy!). So funny completing his storyline… Uhm, the most used characters are Avan, Zeri, Randy, Anisette, Lavinia (just for tank, I hope there’s another person for this), the sixth one still changing about Colleen or another who suit the situation. Really sorry for the heroine-Cosette-for I’m not choosing you ’cause too slow (That’s why I like Alicia better)!

Okay, I will stop here. I’m just trying to introduce this game to many people, that’s all. Oh, and I’m playing the US version (yeah, I couldn’t understand well if it’s in Jpn ver.). Truthfully, I prefer the Japan dub voice better than US and with US translation, but oh well (That’s why I like Ar Tonelico or Gust’s game-cause its voice can be change to original one)…


~ by twentyninenights on October 6, 2010.

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