Something About Busy or Lazy?

Lately, I’ve been busy with my schedule. This is the last month to stay calm. The next, comes mid exam the whole 2 weeks!

I’ve been playing Nise no Chigiri and so far, just Shuuya that’s come to end (Yeah, cause of busy or lazy?). I thinked this was a good game and with a prospect of good ending for each characters. But after got Shuu’s…, Akh! Why is it must end with just they’re become a happy couple and nothing about sad ending (scene or dialogue) cause can’t going back to homeland (for the main chara-Shiraha Mana)??? I’m really disappointed with this!!! And the battle story… It was just funny that in the first time, the battle seemed conflictional and had some strategical feelings, but in the end…it was just some add-on… Even the final battle within Shuuya and his main enemy (Urokodouji) is just some CG? Without voice? I don’t know what’s the meaning of this, who is the winner, until Shuu come back in the next scene….

Really, this game had became more suck after the chosen male to end with. They were around 25-Masato (if he was cool, then it’s okay, but this…!), 38-Kojima Yatarou (this is funny, cause he’s already too old to chose and a perfect playboy who doesn’t suit his age), and Tougi Kanehisa (the most shocking and hard to chose-okay, if it’s just me-cause he’s already old enough to be the girl’s grandfather).

Yeah, after all, I’ll end this game whatsoever… It’s because there is Sakurai Takahiro and other characters except those 3!! I expect more for the other’s ending to be more factional (especially for the wants to going back home to Mana’s real world thing)..

Hiiro no Kakera 3 already finished but lacks bad ending dialogue (Who’s the one who wants to play and collects bad ending anyway?). Overall, seems much good and tragic than the first and the second. Most fav storyline is Ketel, cause he must go to other places after the end. This’ll become  some fresh air to other typical good ending. Hakuouki Zuisouroku still lacks one CG per one person, don’t know where to find, but oh well, doesn’t matter cause I already tired with Hakuouki in many platforms.

I’ve already add some new songs, for Clock Zero too, so feel free to download it.

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