Ticking Clock…

Now I really want to play Clock Zero~Shuuen no Ichibyou~!!!!

Too bad, my PS2 already broken… Even if I have the game, I can’t play it on my PS2.

At first, although the art was so good, I felt a bit disappointed. The main character were a bunch of elementary kids. But after I have the opening movie, I just feel happy! Yeah, I think there’s some chance that they’ll go to a mature one! I had predicted that the main male character, Kaidou Takato, was none other than their teacher, Kaga Akira!!! I don’t know if this is true… Than, Kanou Riichirou is Hourousha, Hanabusa Madoka is Bishop, Saionji Toranosuke is Hangyakusha, Tokita Shuuya is Tetsugakusha, and Hanabusa Nakaba is… don’t know, maybe Jouhouya?

The pictures are here:

Kaidou Takato VS. Kaga Akira

Kanou Riichirou VS. Hourousha

Hanabusa Madoka VS. Bishop

Saionji Toranosuke VS. Hangyakusha

Tokiya Shuuya VS. Tetsugakusha

Hanabusa Nakaba

And here’re some pictures from the op movie:

I hope it’ll be convert into PSP soon!!!!! I can’t play it if it’s on PS2… The OP song is from love solfege feat. Marie and ED (Nagareru Sora ni)+Insert (Soshite Mata, Koko Kara) are from arcane.

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