Verified Songs: Touch My Heart

What songs I’ve been listening to recently? This is the list of it (almost all of it are new songs):

1. Last Love (Kato Miliyah)→I’ve been loves her songs this year after hearing Video Music Award Japan.

2. 죽도록 사랑해 (KCM Feat. Soul Dive)→I think this title means “I Loved You to Death”. This is “Jeppangwang Kim Tak Goo”s song.

3. ∞ Loop (heidi.)→At first, I don’t really like this anime and the first opening. But this one’s has beat up my life!

4. Fate (KOKIA)→I can’t remove it from my list. The best song from her…! The instrumental version touched my heart as if it was a Hollywood movie’s theme music.

5. Kakueiki Teisha (Fujita Maiko)→Fun, heartwarming, calm voice… It’s my love!

6. Arrietty’s Song (Cecile Corbel)→Easy-listening song, a bit of sad-mysterious feeling voice, and lovely music.

7. Yakusoku (MUCC)→In the past, I thinked it rythm were so familiar, but it stood in my thought after all…

8. EXEC_FLIP_ARPHAGE/. (Shikata Akiko)→Never ending song that catch my heart from Shikata.

9. Casting Dice (Kanno Youki)→She’s the one who sings Nise no Chigiri OP. The same old-Japanese atmosphere as Nise’s…

10. Bird (Matsushita Yuya)→I’m still watching Kuroshitsuji II and this’ll stay with me.

11. Pilgrimage (Yamamoto Mineko)→Unique and fun songs. Really suits Atelier Totori.

12. Chance Russian Version (Origa)→I’ve just found some of her old albums and remembered her old songs…

13. Kuchizuke (BUCK-TICK)→At first, this was just a weird song, but I liked the music in the opening and ending of this song.

14. Ichiban Kirei na Watashi wo (Nakashima Mika)→I loved her songs but now after she sang some rock, I just had some of her ballad.

15. Toki no Shiori (Yoshioka Aika)→New song from Yoshioka for Hakuouki Zuisouroku Portable…

And that’s all I’ve been heard to. It’s still change when some new songs added… Hope there’ll be many good songs in the future that can be liked by me…!


~ by twentyninenights on September 5, 2010.

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