Shin Hisui no Shizuku Time!

Right, this is all about Shin Hisui no Shizuku Hiiro no Kakera 2! I’m about to write the character’s story.
As for this, I don’t think this is accurate enough since my Japanese vocab dictionary isn’t complete…

1. Shigemori Akira

The main male protagonist of Hisui no Shizuku. 17 years old high school year 2, same old as the main character, Takachiho Suzu. He used 2 sword as weapon. He was Suzu and Riku’s childhood friend. The most like character from Hiiro no Kakera series, for mine. He always thinks that because of him, Suzu’s father died. He thinked he couldn’t protect Suzu so that her father couldn’t safe them and died. His route is a bit usual though. Typically the main male character who saved the female protagonist from being killed as Tamayori-hime. His main enemy is Ramon. I liked his CG eating out ice with Suzu… Too bad, his romance CG didn’t have much…….

2. Mibu Katsuhiko
18 years old high school year 3, the first son of Mibu family. His brother, Kotarou has darker skin color than his. His ultimate goal was to took revenge
for their father, Mibu Kanesada, that had been killed by someone unknown. His story was interesting ’cause he could sometime be a little hard to approached.
After knew who killed his father, he took time to did things for his own goal, leaving Suzu and the other protectors (shugosha).. Yeah, but, he came back after all.

His main enemy is Tenkou.

3. Mibu Kotarou
Young brother of Katsuhiko. He is 16 years old year 1. Energetic and kinder than his big brother. Can make jokes with Kamo Yasunori. Nothing interesting
about his story because I played his route after completed Katsuhiko’s. Just about his determinant for saving Suzu. Main enemy is Tenkou.

4. Takachiho Riku
He is 16 years old in year 1 though his body is so much bigger than the other characters. Came first as Suzu’s brother but he wasn’t her real brother.
Tenkou shouted all the secret about him. I don’t really like his type though. Even if he wants to protect his sister, he’s like a siscon…? And his
personality didn’t match for his big body. But overall, he was kind. His main enemy is the dragon (Ryuujin)

5. Amano Ryouji
Came from Amano’s household who kept the history of Tamayori-hime. 24 years old and a school’s librarian? OMG, I thinked he was 30 years old at first! Hehe///
Calm and “charming” (not for me). His grandfather, Seijuurou, came to a plot with Toyotama-hime for saving only the village when Ryuujin approached.
His main enemy is Miroku.

6. Kamo Yasunori
His main position is to search info. 16 years old but already in year 2. He usually hangs out with Suzu’s friend, Takahara Erika. He wasn’t gifted as Tamayori-hime
protectors but after the death of Mikoshiba Kei (in his route), Mikoshiba’s power was send to him (Lucky?!). He is the no.1 mood maker in the team.
He looks unreliable and funny at first, but he is my favourite one after Akira and Katsuhiko. I played his route second place after Akira because I was
curious to how he got his power. After knew that his power came from Mikoshiba, I was a little bit sad that Mikoshiba must died in his route.
His main enemy is Miroku.

7. Mikoshiba Kei
I don’t know exactly what his age… In the past, he was one of Tamayori-hime protector. He risen up after Toyatama-hime stole Yasaka Mao’s body.
After met up with Suzu, he began to remembered his past and goal (to protect Tamayori-hime~). He betrayed Toyatama-hime and came to Tamayori-hime’s side.
His route came after Kamo’s route chapter 4-2…………. His main enemy is Ryuujin.

Overall, this is a good otome game with some fighting scenes (much loves this side than just ordinary life with scheduled order-like Arcobaleno!, Wand of Fortune,
Last Escort, Otometeki Koi Kakumei Love Revo!, etc), The bad is some guy I likes doesn’t have enough romance CGs than the other I doesn’t like.
I prefer Hiiro no Kakera because of its calm atmosphere, interesting storyline, cool male, and the songs. I can change the start button menu wallpaper for the characters!
And Hisui no Shizuku is the best otome game I’ve ever played from this series. I will wait for Hiiro no Kakera 4-Shin Tamayori-hime Denshou Portable who had
different art, song’s vocalist, and theme (I think it’s much modern than the other Hiiro no Kakera).


~ by twentyninenights on September 2, 2010.

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  1. Nice review. Been wanting to check this out for a while.

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