Approving Ability

I don’t know what to do anymore after begin to move my day in classes… I think I don’t have enough time anymore to do things I used to do when holiday. What’s the matter right now is how to separate and what to do first. Yeah, I’m still like this. Still waiting for Nise no Chigiri…

Right.. Even to write a thing or two in this blog is so hard to do! When it comes to weekend, my usual is to do homework… This is the fate of a student!! So…sorry that this few days won’t be able to upload some new songs.

My ability? Don’t know how hard I can increase it for this semester. But I won’t lose to some lazyness! Okay, for the ability to do this blog too, don’t know how can I improve it. Really, I want to study better to maintain this blog to be better but don’t have much time now. Maybe I just add some pictures as wallpaper?

I’ve finished Shigemori Akira, Mibu Katsuhiko, Kamo Yasunori, and Mikoshiba Kei’s route. I liked Akira but his route didn’t have much impression on me. Kamo has different secret from anyone and his power doesn’t come on an instant like everyone. Mikoshiba just had a few scene and this was just so sad. The unthinkable story come from Katsuhiko… I think he has calm aura and good side like another character from otomate that usually goes with cool expression. But now, he’s just so like a villain! Yeah, but he’s a good person actually.

I skip that for now. I just have a few more minutes untill sleeping time… So hard!!!


~ by twentyninenights on August 30, 2010.

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