Grimm’s Otome Version

It’s Zettai Meikyuu Grimm’s time! The actual title is Zettai Meikyuu Grimm~Nanatsu no Kagi to Rakuen no Otome~. This game came from Karin Entertainment who made Princess Nightmare and The Exorcism of Maria. I haven’t play those earlier games though.

This game inserted the eternalize works from Grimm brothers such as Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood, The Frog Prince, Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and… the Grimm brothers itself!! (hoho…)

The characters whom you can choose Henritta Grimm (main chara) to end with are Ludwig Emil Grimm (the youngest Grimm), Willhelm Karl Grimm (second child), Jacob Ludwig Karl Grimm (the oldest Grimm), Hameln, Akazukin (from Red Riding Hood), Rapunzel, Frog Prince, Ibara Hime (this sleeping princess), Ibara no Ouji (brother of Ibara Hime), Muma (the dream demon)… Fuuh, such many lists..

Sure of, my favourite is none other than Willhelm Grimm! The 1st impression was he’s such a cool guy (with glasses!, I’m not such a megane maniac). But after completed his route (you didn’t even have to complete this, in the beginning it were all told), that he was such a homie guy who always cooked! Like a mother to Ludwig and Henrietta ^.^….. But his route was the gentlest one I’ve ever seen (Now, it isn’t complete yet). Maybe because I was just playing (the first to the last) Hameln, Ludwig-Sad, Ibara no Ouji, Willhelm, Jacob, Akazukin, Rapunzel routes that I couldn’t tell the exact gentlest route.

As for Ludwig (I just got the sad route for him, I’ll complete it later), he was such a brat. But after he awakened with Henrietta, he became so much reliable than other characters. But.. I’m not into a younger one. So I can’t like him very much. The sad ending separates him from Henrietta because of the dream demon.

Hameln’s route was a sad-past story one. But it got a happy-end. He always wants money, even to help people. But it was because of his tragic past. His CG was the wildest I’ve seen than other characters (umm, don’t think too much)…

Akazukin (young chara, I don’t like very much) always lives with his grandma. But after the wolf’s attacking their village, he travels with Henrietta’s companion. In the end, he overcome his weakness and live happily with Henrietta…

Ibara no Ouji gives some tale-like story about the prince and the princess. He was a narcist one to begin with. He became a gentle person after Henrietta saves him the 1st time (umm, I’m a little forgot why Henrietta save him the first time….it actually have Henrietta-saves-him-story about 2 times). We can tell that at first, he love someone else (who are nowhere to be found-is it dead or not-after 100 years sleep).

Rapunzel’s story… Err, not a special one. Just a friendship ending with playing game for Henrietta and Rapunzel. Such a boresome one. At first, I hope it’ll become a beautiful ending. But now I’m disapointed.

Jacob… Ummm, this characters always dead in every routes.

The opening song is so mysterious-listening song. It titled Himitsu no Mori no Butoukai by Chikamori Kayako. The ending song was sang by her too. It soundtrack and Chara Concept CD is the hardest one to find. You must send email to Karin Entertainment or go to the online shop based in Japan.

Hmmm, I’m ready to complete the story of every characters. Hope I’ll get every CG, scene, and item…. So much to do…….


~ by twentyninenights on August 10, 2010.

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  1. can u please tell me how to get Ludwig true end??

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