Made My Day…

Ok, I’ve bought PSP at last! But… there were some problem(s)!!! The adaptor didn’t work, the battery’s easy to lowered (is it really that fast after playing it about 1 hour, it gets low 1 point, and with the second brightness adjustment)… And still charging with my laptop (fiuh,, it took more time to charge than to play). Yucks!!! Still, I want (definitely) to change it tomorrow! Hmmm., I’ve tried some otome game, but the most I want couldn’t play well with this (Zettai Meikyuu Grimm Nanatsu no Kagi to Rakuen no Otome). The texts were bumping with each other (made unable to read the next) and sometimes got hang on my PSP.. I didn’t know it was because the compatibility or because the item (the ISO files).

By the way, the specs are PSP 2006 LP Slim & Lite Blume Series Lavender Purple, the system is 5.03 GEN-C (I know it’s a bit old of model-because the 3000types are all so expensive T_T)… I was just curious if this type was good or not.

I’ve already tried Star Ocean First Departure too. This brings back my memories…. I’ve played Star Ocean the Second Story on PS at least 10 times!!! So nostalgic…… And that game is still in number one on my list. I don’t know if I want to play the Second Evolution though…

My sister was playing BlazBlue… Hmm, I don’t really like fighting game, so do her. But this one’s really cute(?)with CGs, omakes, and many more that you can get after playing it. I’ve tried to played it, and it was really easy, unlike another fighting game that’s so hard to control. But I don’t know for sure… Really, I’ve just tried the story mode a few times, so I didn’t know whether it was trully easy or not.

Ok, I’m in a heart attack mode for this week because next week is my chance to take the university schedule for my entire 5th semester via internet. It’s a life and death fighting to be able to take the best seat! I mean, the better teacher for the better scores… Heh,, it always like this every semester. I have to be patient if the class are full (it can change to not full every seconds because anyone can leave and come to that choice of class). Can’t understand it right? That’s why it’s so frustrating when it comes to that day… The score for this semester is higher than the last but the entire scores for 4 semesters is breaking down to hell (umm, 0.03 lower, the truth is)……. I must get higher this semester!!! Don’t know if I should cry or happy…


~ by twentyninenights on August 3, 2010.

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