Japan Hour Program!

Last night I was watching Japan Hour at Channel News Asia. This episode told about economical trips, continuing from last episode. The first visited to Hakone was really awesome! I couldn’t believe there was a flat-escalator like thing in the middle of the flower garden! There was nothing like that in my country…  The escalator runs very slow so visitors can take a look at flower garden (including 200,000 lilies, they’ve said) as well as taking a break.

The next, they were visiting glass shop where they could made glass souvenir for themself. They made Tonbo ball (I don’t know exactly what tonbo means), a round-glass shape where it could be used as a keychain (sure with a chain made from thread)? The glass made with a heat and decorated by themself really good-looking. I don’t think I can make decoration as good as them.

The day after, they used the ropeway (just paid 5,000 Yen for Hakone free pass and could used any tranportation FREE!) to Togendai Station (there, they could look at Jigokudani and Owaku Valley). Really an awesome trip!

The rest I won’t write. Just take a look at their website at http://www.channelnewsasia.com/japanhour/highlights.htm

There should be a complete summary per one episode they had broadcasted.

Well, I think I’m in condolences mode for the cat used to always come to my house. In this few days, he didn’t come and last afternoon too, we found it died on my roof (maybe the cause is crash by car) with so many blood. It wasn’t my pet but always came so my family already thinked of it as our pet. It already 2,5 years since that cat came often.

So right this day, will surely have a new brighter day……………


~ by twentyninenights on July 25, 2010.

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