Asaki, Yumemishi… Full of mysterious even how to get the ending…

I’m stuck at playing Asaki, Yumemishi! I’ve got everyone’s ending route, but not the bonuses for Chihaya, Kagachi, and Rin. I’ve got 2 walkthroughs and tried to used the 2 of them but didn’t get any of it. Is it really that tricky or am I just stupid enough to not understand the walkthroughs?

Okay, I wanted to tell the characters I liked from Asaki, Yumemishi. The first one is the non-blood related brother, Iori Shuuichirou. I think he’s cool enough to be in the first ranking of favourite characters, even on their website, isn’t it? At first, he just wanted to protect the main character, Iori Saya, without having to think he wanted her so much. But I think because Saya insist him that she will become happy if it is with her brother, Shuu changing his mind and come to always be by her side.

The second one is Yaegaki Chihaya, the main male-protagonist in this game. At first, he didn’t think much about Saya. He just thinked her being was to helped him protect the village. After some encounters and chats with him, Saya remember the past of the two of them. Chihaya just said that Saya was not the person in their past. He thinked of her as the real Saya, not Nao. Chihaya did remember that he was Saku at the past, but didn’t want to thinked much anymore about that. And as part of their past, Yashitsuna, Chihaya’s servant, past was revealed too.

The third one is… well, I don’t think there’s another I really like anymore. The other characters were all just some add-charas… As for Rin, I thinked he was funny but my sister didn’t like him ’cause he was really noisy. Takatora…, didn’t have much impression. Even I have forgotten about his story (I think the last time I played his route was about one year ago). I didn’t like Giou or Kagachi and Ichito just had some minor story. I prefer to play about Yashitsuna rather than Kagachi, but sadly, there’s none about him (except the bad ending when he kill Saya). The two omake (about ghost stories and dinner) weren’t interesting enough. The pictures cannot be safe though, so to be able to look again is to play it since the beginning.

Sooo…. If there’s anyone how to complete the routes, please tell me. I don’t know anymore how to get the alternative ending for Rin (the having children one) and omake from Chihaya and Kagachi. Ah, so bad that Chihaya’s CG didn’t good enough compared to the longest time playing (because that past story?) and he was the main character! As for the features, the CG had good and bright color, the sound’s so calm, and the effect really perfect. So overall, I think it’s 7.5 out of 10 (good and well-known voice acting, calm environment, and some sad ending). Too bad the other characters didn’t have many impressions.


  1. I would like to know how do i do kagachi’s route, i tried with the walkthroughs but i couldn’t make it o.o
    do i have to complete something? thanks and sorry that i can’t help you D:
    and forgive my bad english please D:

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