Download Contents… (Fuuh…~!)

It’s such an uneasy thing to put the download page to this blog (Maybe I shouldn’t put that in the beginning?). The links from sendspace got expired quickly. Then I think it was convenience enough to put it on 4shared since it just required to logged in every 30 days.  So I had to upload it again in 4shared link… So troublesome!

I don’t think many people downloaded it anyway, so maybe I just put up not so many songs on that pages…

These few days, I like Kato Miliyah’s and Matsushita Yuya’s songs (It was actually Yuuya, but, oh well…). I think I likes R&B now. Woah, such a sudden changes..! But to put it bluntly, I loves Kato Miliyah’s clear voice. The things I listened now are from Kato Miliyah : Aitai, SAYONARA Baby, Last Love and from Matsushita Yuya : YOU, Trust Me (already bored enough though), Hallucination.

Hell yeah, I just talked about songs!!! Well, right now I’m really excited to wait for the episodes of Kuroshitsuji II. Don’t forget to wait for Shinrei Tantei Yakumo (hope there’s a fansubs that will work it), Hakuouki 2, Starry Sky~in Spring~. I had downloaded Shiki, but couldn’t play it on my video player (I don’t know what’s wrong with that?).

For ECO… I think I was bored enough to played an online game! Hahaha…! Right now, I’m playing Dear Girl Stories~Hibiki Hibiki Tokkun Daisakusen~. I don’t think I can get a happy ending though… Besides DGS, I’m playing Datenshi no Amai YuuwakuXKaikan Phrase, but just get 2 ending for Ookochi Sakuya and Kiryuu Atsuro. Meh, I don’t really like the other characters! Now, I’m having trouble to make a choice what to play first. And I’m still saving for PSP.

That’s ME right now. I hope it’ll be much better me the next post. Ah, about my exams… Yeah, it’s getting up from the last but still not worth the effort. I just got 3.39 out of 4 (the best I got it was 3.78).  I’ll keep fighting ’till my graduation!

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