Shikata Akiko – Favorite Singer

A beautiful voice and many epic songs came from this singer-composer. Shikata Akiko always be my fav singer ever! The first song I’ve always remembered -that song’s be the first time I became curious about her- is Utau Oka~Harmonics EOLIA~. This short song (only 02:25) became the first song I listening from her. Sure after that, I came to search for many of her songs. And because of that, I’ve listened to almost every of her songs. There’s always uniqueness in every each one from her.

My fav songs from are Utau Oka (Harmonics EOLIA, FRELIA, TILIA, EXEC HARVESTASYA, Salavec Rhaplanca), EXEC_FLIP_ARPHAGE/., Mahoroba, Utakata no Hana, every songs in Harmonia album, TETHE’ALLA~Tsui no Kodomotachi~, Akakushi, Inori~Monram~… But that’re just my fav… The other songs were also beautiful. Every time I listened to her songs, it makes my heart calms. Songs like Utau Oka~Salavec Rhaplanca or Umineko no Naku Koro ni~Rengoku~ (that has a quick tempo and opera-like voice) will give some other expression.

Yeah, I likes her voice and the songs she make. For this time being, she’ll be the first singer I like.

Aside from Shikata Akiko, Fujita Maiko also give a calm expression in her songs. She has calm-clean voice. I knew her because the otome game I was playing (Hiiro no Kakera DS). Also take Shimotsuki Haruka. She always sing fairy-tale like songs. But different impression in Ruri no Tori, it has jazz type of song. Yoshioka Aika sings very well but not the type I loves the most. Tainaka Sachi also has clean voice too and I really like her songs especially for Fate/Stay Night. Matsushita Yuuya give different type of songs from the male singer I’ve listened. As for singer group, I likes Sound Horizon (err… no, this group’s deffinitely has many singers and seiyuu such as singer: Shimotsuki Haruka, Jimang, FictionJunction KAORI, Aramary, Inoue Azumi, Kuribayashi Minami, seiyuu: Hoshi Souichiro, Noto Mamiko, Kuwashima Houko, Midorikawa Hikaru, illustrator: yokoyan, composition by Revo), FictionJunction, and Kalafina.

Yeah, I don’t know why there are many Japanese singers who came up with a unique idea, group, and compositions… But because I like something unique, I like their songs.

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