My Pet Rabbits

He’s Winwin, one of my rabbits. I have 10 of them. It’s a big bunch of rabbits family, right? Since I was little, my first pet was a white New Zealand rabbit (I still have the pictures). When I was in elementary school, I had about 10 too. But they’re all died for the same illness. So for a long time, I didn’t have any rabbits because I was so scared to seeing them dying.

But in the last year of high school, I tried to grew them again. The first one, didn’t go well. But I and my family could maintain them all ’till I have 2 baby rabbits. Yeah, they’re twins (male and female, such a rare ocassion, the picture is under with their mom). They’re a breed of Dutch and Angora rabbits (I loved Dutch rabbit more than any other types!).


Hehe… So that’s why my life’s full of happiness to always see them running, eating, and acting cute in front of my eyes. But all of them were very naughty. Winwin could run all over my foot to get food. He’s a weird one!

So yeah, I loved them all, despite my hands were always had scratches (either claws or bites) from them. But it heals quickly so I don’t mind that. I always loves my pet (neither my 10 rabbits nor my 2 hamsters). I wants to take good care for all of them.


~ by twentyninenights on June 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “My Pet Rabbits”

  1. I really interested in your post. Actually I posted a similar related article in my blog regarding this issue. What is your opinion about it?


  2. oh man!! Sooooooooooooo kute ^3^
    i wish i could have ones!!

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