DuRaRaRa!! Mode On…

DuRaRaRa!! Yeah, I’m very addicted to it.  This seemed like a normal story in the first time I knew it. But after watched it (I had late to realized and watched it after it came with 18 episodes, but I downloaded it all), it took 2 episodes to know the real crazyness of this anime, I began to loved it very much.

At first episode, I began to felt bored. But the story began much better after the 2nd episode. I don’t know that the author can come up with an interesting story like this. Even though Baccano! was a crazy concept-story too, but DuRaRaRa!! had much more action and much more cool. So, why is the two has (!) on theirs? I don’t know too…

Except DuRaRaRa!!, I likes Angel Beats!, and Hakuouki. Yeah, I can likes every genre of story, except for the one that always fighting and fighting without a heart’s content. I loves story with a mysterious element, take so much heart consideration, and sometimes a little bit of tactics… Well, so much episodes will be out to my mind. I doesn’t like stories that takes so much episodes! I got bored easily, so I couldn’t hold it.

Which character I likes the most in DuRaRaRa!! ? The answer is Orihara Izaya!!!!! He’s a weird person. I liked it ’cause he’s so cheerful, easy-going, acted mysteriously, and very sly. So, which chara I hates the most? The answer is Orihara Izaya (again)!!!!! He puts everything and everyones actions under his control, wants to put chaos, and an egoist.. That’s why it’s the first time I’ve ever like and hate one character.

So that’s it. What shall I talk more about this awesome story? Just watch (or read the novel) to understand every crazyness of each character’s development…


~ by twentyninenights on May 31, 2010.

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