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Right now I likes playing an otome game on DS.. Wow, it’s such a new style, different from a few years ago when I played RPG game on PS2. In the past, I used to really liked playing Star Ocean 2, Shadow Hearts 2, Final Fantasy X, etc (this means there’re many other games that I almost forgot). Hmm, I likes playing game too, but not an online game (really suck at that, it takes much time to level-up, so yeah I’m bored).

Such a weird taste differences, cause I used to like some action games too, ex. Genji. Now, I’m playing Hakuouki DS and a bit Hiiro no Kakera (I already finished it but not every pictures of it). I played it though I didn’t understand much about Japanese language (but I’ve learn it a little). hahaha… But I do understand it a little. I played it because I felt challenged to grab all of the pictures, not because I’m so crazy about bishie!! Hah.. a little of it, maybe, but not a crazy fans for it.

I’m stuck at getting the Kazama Chikage’s route. Really confused about getting his ending… Anyone can help me? I guess I’ll try it myself.

Uhm, what shall I talk about next? Oh yeah, about why is my style change? Hehe, maybe ’cause I’ve felt comfortable to played DS rather than PS2 (my PS2’s a bit too old and rusty now). And I don’t have enough time to play RPG now that I’m in university. So DS is very comfortable and easy to use to me. I hope I can finish all the route and get all the pictures!!


~ by twentyninenights on May 29, 2010.

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