The Longest Time…

What a long time to be able to write this new post!

Right now,  I really loves Kuroshitsuji Musical and am waiting for the second musical to be release on DVD.  Talk about that, the musical’s really wonderful, with so many comical jokes, battle action, and the easy-listening songs. Maybe, it’s my first time to watched musical, but overall, I already liked it so much! And many good responses from fans about the musical, makes it a good one.

Because of that, now I use to like the songs from the main actor of Sebastian (Matsushita Yuya). He was the one who sang ‘Trust Me’ from Durarara!! anime too (Wow, I’m using the italic font type too, despite this isn’t language’s exercise). His song I likes now is YOU  (from YOU/Hallucination Single-is the songs from Kuroshitsuji Musical 2).YOU-Matsushita Yuya

Ok. I’d done the musical part story, and now back to my life…

It really takes time to write a new post! ’cause I’d forgot my password (it wasn’t a joke!). But now, I’m already back and hope to always remember it!! It’s my bad…

Now I’m about to finish my 2nd year of university’s life. And I hope I can graduate for 1,5 years later. I don’t want to waste my life in university and hopes to quickly have a job! So now I must study hard!!! And don’t forget to always watch anime and read great manga too ^_^ I’m really a weird person!! Yeah!! Long live my weird side!!!!!

So yeah, I’m about to post a new link for the songs I’d downloaded, ’cause it’re all already removed. Thanks for read my weird-writing stuff!


~ by twentyninenights on May 28, 2010.

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