Now listening to…

Ehm, these few days, I’m listening to:
1. YOU by Matsushita Yuya —this new singer already have many fans eyes to search for his new songs
2. My Soul, Your Beats! by Lia —so beats!
3. Chiranai Hana by Yoshioka Aika —now playing the hakuouki ds, the song really suit for the story
4. EXEC_FLIP_ARPHAGE/. by Shikata Akiko —it can’t be ever leave my heart
5. EXEC_COSMOFLIPS/. by KOKIA —beautiful songs..
6. Mizufuusen by Fujita Maiko —the singer’s voice really touch my heart
7. Inori no Kanata by Shikata Akiko —not wonderful enough to be Shikata’s songs, but easy to remember it
8. Schwarzweiss~Kiri no Mukou ni Tsunagaru Sekai~ by Shimotsuki Haruka —this one is the unforgetable song by Shimotsuki
9. SHERO by S.H.E. —easy listening
10. Unmei no Futago by Sound Horizon —the group always make a wonderful musics and songs
11. Mouken Keruberosu (Darker Than Black~Ryuusei no Gemini~ OST) —hmmm, the music beats very cool!!!
12. Bu Xiang Dong De by Angela Zhang —my most fav song from her
13. Chouwa~Harmonia~ by Shikata Akiko —a heartwarming songs
14. Rock it by Da Mouth —really modern songs
15. ECG Heart by Cindy Wang —unique and cute song
16. The World of Curiosity (Emil Chronicle Online OST) —a good, ear catching music with flute
17. BALLAD by Hamasaki Ayumi —it’s almost rare now to find her new songs, or it happen to just only me

Not mentioning SORRY, SORRY by Super Junior ’cause these past few days, it always play on the event held by my faculty’s executive organization (including me, offcourse, to be one of the member). I’m already really bored to hear it again and again!


~ by twentyninenights on May 28, 2010.

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