Through time, I’ll be add more to this blog. So now, I’ll be talking about myself. Me? Just an ordinary university student with some ordinary life too.. Really, just boring stuff if I didn’t had to like manga and anime so much! But in this blog, I won’t talk much about my hobbies ’cause I’m just sharing it with my sister. I don’t actually share this hobby with my friends, ’cause, I don’t have many friends with the same hobby.

Yeah, this hobby just like a secret that doesn’t have many people who knows it. But I really like my life now. Even without that, I really can live well. But, yeah, in the same time, I need them too to losing out stress.

I’m concentrating in financial management; though there were financial, marketing, human resourcess, and operational focus in my university now. Soon, they’re about to add entrepreneurship too… Hope that I can study well in my life and simply graduating the next 1,5 year!! (Now, I’m on to 2nd year)

Hope I can have my time before my final exam for this semester to write more onto this blog. I want to add some from my hobby too. But I think I can’t add much ’cause I don’t know much about technologies yet (simply just like a countryside folk).

Bye for now!


~ by twentyninenights on May 27, 2010.

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